Star Wars: Rebirth

Retaking the Galactic Senate

The plan to overtake the Galactic Senate was to bring everybody but Harbu and his team up to the senate proper in order to overwhelm the defenses of the security teams. With most of the rest of the attack force gathered, Dalbar led the way down the Galactic Senate’s halls; rushing past the security droids brought up by NXT-1 against security forces. NXT-0; the security chief and arbiter of the Galactic Senate found its processors were too full to handle the party tearing down the halls, but NXT-0 still sounded the alarms to get the guards to handle the intrusion.

By the time the party made it to the Senate chambers themselves, the security forces of the Galactic Senate arrived as well while being led by both Imperial Knights and Sith Apprentices. Much of the group mobilized to defend, while giving the party and a few others within the group to go inside of the Senate chambers to go and deal with NXT-0. Inside, the party found the Emeriss assassin Vass’inum’niche (Numni) lying in wait on a senator’s platform while surrounded by several other Emeriss Guardians who had accompanied her in the kidnapping of Rea and Thirra Taro.

In particular, Numni and Zendral exchanged words about Emeriss’ business practices, but, perhaps predictably, ended with Numni claiming that what she did and what she will do next is all part of business. Just as the first moves were being made, Numni mentioned that she was still impressed with how quickly Taral moved to catch up with her down by the Greater Haluon hideout.

During the fight, Numni had her platform shot out from under her, but she kept a wide variety of grappling chains in order to keep herself from succumbing to the pull of gravity by grabbing onto the ceiling. Also, NXT-0 assisted by erecting deflector shield columns in between Numni and the party.

Simon bypassed those defenses with specially made Sidewinder missiles. Polis found himself the main target of Numni’s attacks, and Polis even managed to catch up with her on her own platform, only for Polis to find that Numni was a skilled wrestler. It took Dalbar’s intervention to keep Polis from getting beaten unconscious.

Much of the rest of the Jedi who followed the party inside found themselves having to hold off against Sith and Imperial Knight incursions at the flanks, while Dalbar made sure that he could catch any of the party that might fall off of their platforms over the Senate Chamber area.

As NXT-0 erected another column, the power went out for a brief moment, shutting down the shields, and leaving the platforms to go into emergency mode before the power went back online again.

But merely 10 seconds later, the power inside the chambers went out for good, letting the other Emeriss guardians to fall to their deaths, while the others finished off the remaining Imperial Knights and Sith inside. To save the party, Dalbar brought both the party and the wounded Vass’inum’niche to the senate floor by telekinesis. Numni exclaimed that the party finish her as she would have done the same to the party. Much to her surprise, and the curiosity of the Jedi; Zendral, Visase, and Taral both vouched to not kill her as doing so was not the Jedi way.

Instead, they convinced her to see Emeriss for what it is that they do. With Numni being thrown off about her predicament decided to listen to Visase and Zendral’s arguments, and even agreed with the fact that it was likely that Orm brought her in the Galactic Senate to slow the party down and likely die in the attempt at stopping the party. When the party invited her to go to the ship, Verin Taro raised a stink about letting the kidnapper of his family onto the Nest.

It took some convincing, but Verin finally decided to quiet down; still unsure of the party’s decision to let her get patched up and healed by Chuni and Henea.

It was soon apparent of the cause of the power outage that took NXT-0 offline for good; Upik & Kipu tried to manipulate the energy flow into NXT-0’s systems with their devices, but something went wrong; and the power shorted while Upik & Kipu both got struck by the flow of energy; charring the both of them to a crisp and fusing them to the floor they were standing on.

Others that suffered was “Nodaz” and Ketki and the rest of his Kryndr Gowakk, where “Nodaz” was put out of his legless misery by Eroll Skav, while Ketki took himself out by smashing all of the energy balls strapped to his body all at once on an Imperial Knight. The rest of the team suffered significant wounds, but nothing that killed them.

The Jedi Temple is next, and the party must figure out how to get there next. By estimations, the Jedi Temple shouldn’t be nearly as secure as it ought to, but will still hide dangers as the party pushes within to not only rescue Rea and Thirra, but also to confront Darth Orm.



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