Star Wars: Rebirth

Reego's Hoard

The party set off from the Jedi Temple to where Reego’s place was. Gunja landed the party on another person’s yard- within their swimming pool more specifically. Orwell pointed to tubers growing in the yard, and Kader took a bite out of one; as the owner of the lot began to curse Gunja out.

The party made their way to Reego’s house. The outside is decorated in sound systems that made the sounds of wild animals on other planets. Once the door buzzer was rung though, the sound of wookiees was heard howling on the speakers.

Reego opened the door up and welcomed the party inside.

The house was full of piles and piles of expensive stuff. Some of the party was tempted to steal some of it, but ultimately, Reego lead the party to his personal hangar full of other expensive vehicles; including the cockpit of the Nsiss Clawcraft.

Reego told the party about the nightmares he got after getting the cockpit into the house. Just hearing screaming and crying from the hangar in his dreams. Reego also got the repaired cockpit for free from a salvager.

Meanwhile, Zendral investigated the cockpit to find a hole similar to what was found on the laser cannon and the engine which gave Zendral the same level of discomfort.

Then Reego started getting death threats. He got the ultimatum that if he didn’t bring the cockpit to the bottom level of the Works in Sector H by Day 7, Week 1, Month 1, Year 650 ABY; he will perish.

So the party volunteered to take the cockpit from Reego. The party contacted Gunja to come and pick up the cockpit. A short time later, a police car exploded into the room leaving a gaping hole in the house. Gunja then shouted that his bus wasn’t big enough to haul the cockpit and that he needed something larger to accommodate it.

Reego didn’t say anything at all during this incident. Even when Gunja stole the shuttle belonging to the senator of Mon Calamari just to steal the cockpit away.

Issilum, while railing to Gunja about stealing from his people; found a picture-pad on one of the front seats, which made Issilum very quiet whenever he looked at it.

Even when Gunja made it back to E5’s hangar, Issilum remained quiet and looking at the picture.

Once everyone left the shuttle, Gunja flew off with it to retrieve the bus he left behind. Meanwhile, Arken Taro contacted the party to ask them of their progress.

Visase told Arken about the holes in the Nsiss Clawcraft parts, and their effects on force users when sensed.

Arken responded with his own news, in that the space platform looks to be passing through the Senate; and the platform got a sponsor from Mon Calamari, from a company known as Infinite Depths Inc. Arken suspects that the platform funding is most likely done for Infinite Depth’s PR, as the Mon Calamari tend to have a good track record towards following the more moral route than not.

After Arken checked on his son Verin, Arken left to continue his talks with the Mon Calamari Senator and the CEO of Infinite Depths Inc. Natmar Smers about the platform.

Once Arken left, Polis and Orwell exchanged words about Verin needing to train harder; while Visase looked up information on the gang, the Greater Haluon.

The Greater Haluon apparently are few in number, but the few that are there are powerful and have enhanced themselves cybernetically into cyborgs, or something more machine than anything else.

The party prepared themselves, jumped into Gunja’s bus after Gunja returned; and then set off to where the Greater Haluon are holed up.



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