Star Wars: Rebirth

Ranger Station Disorientation

With the submarine’s signal disguised as a school of fish, Orwell came up with a magnificent plan. By using an uncomfortable pitch on the sonar, the submarine could redirect a pod of Whaladon towards the ranger station, along with all the lifeforms living within the nearby reefs. They would then ride within the swarm and stay out of the sensors of the ranger’s submarines, and then sneak past them when they arrived at the ranger station.

With Taral piloting the submarine around a rock, they came to be in the perfect position to try Orwell’s idea, and it worked. Whole droves of fish, eels, the whaladon, and even some Moappa had all got caught up in the swarm on the way to the ranger’s station. These Moappa seemed benevolent and if Taral’s feelings were right, Force sensitive. After instilling the party with clarity, they rode the swarm to the ranger’s station, where they took the rangers completely by surprise.

Ostek was commissioned to crack the security door from the submarine bay and into the operations room. In the operations room, they found ten rangers busy as their computers. When one of them noticed Polis draw out his Vibrotrident did they trigger the alarm.

Visase made an off-hand remark about the lengths the rangers went for money, but one of them insisted it wasn’t about that.

The fight was quick and brutal, where Taral and Visase worked in tandem with their lightsaber strikes, Polis skewering rangers like a fisherman would with fish, while Kale’zen’dreuoll and Kader shot at them with their rifles. Orwell chucked a heavy table at two of them at their computer stations, killing both rangers.

When it was down to one ranger, Visase and Polis almost killed him when Orwell came in to interrogate. The ranger told Orwell that he’ll need to get past the computer and then called him a Rancor-faced cretin. This led to a slow and painful death with Orwell breaking his shoulders followed by his neck in a snapping motion.

With the other ranger submarines on their way back to the ranger station, the party only had so much time to gather information. Kader took a datapad with him to scan later, while Kale’zen’dreuoll used his probe droid to interface with the monitors, where he eventually got all that he needed.

An old guidelog to the ranger job gave away much, such as the real reason for the Verdant Abyss being a Galactic Wildlife Preserve, as well as maps of how to navigate the depths of the abyss, and where the leviathans lived. The one who wrote the guide, Azard Xor promised the rangers a life of comfort for cooperating with him in this “high honors” guard job, and also spoke of the leviathans as being gifts to him from his father’s benefactors. The guide was also about 500 years old.

After getting the guide, the party jumped back into the submarine and made way to the abyss. Taral had to dodge out of the way of a rock, but the dodging sadly attracted the attention of the rangers who are now speeding towards his location as he makes way back to the Verdant Abyss itself…



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