Star Wars: Rebirth

Raiding the Raiders Chapter II

The party spent their time at first tending to their wounds, and berating Hartel for his rash actions and nearly getting killed. In the meanwhile, Simon was opening the other doors, searching them too. Behind one door was a gang member who immediately surrendered, claiming he never wanted to do this. Simon gave the gang member 100 Credits, and the gang member told the party what was behind the door- the second in command of the Tusken Raiders; the Rodian Deesd, and the kid that the party was tasked in finding.

Once the party recuperated, the party set out to strategize about how best to deal with two repurposed labor droids. Meanwhile, Simon, Kale’zen’dreuoll, and Kader set out to make a droid they deactivated work in their favor. Once the droid was working, Taral made the first strike on the droids before the door containing Deesd and the hostage as well. Then the combat droid followed, and then Hartel as well. With the droids dispatched, the party rearranged themselves, and then Kader unlocked the door by hardwiring its unlock mechanism.

Then the reprogramed droid opened the door, and was shot down by the gang and Deesd who were ready for who may come.

Deesd attempted to use the kid as a shield while he fought, but fortunately, the kid struggled so hard that Deesd had trouble holding on to him, making Deesd have a hard time taking aim.

In the battle, Polis jumped over Deesd’s barricade in order to get closer to him. The others poured in, with Kader, Zendral, and Issilum taking cover and shooting at the gangsters, while Taral served to remove most of the crowds. Orwell and Hartel ran inside the room to make their presence known, and then Simon makes Polis fall unconscious after lobbing a missile at the gang. Simon’s missile managed to make Deesd drop the kid, and turn some of the gang into goo. Then Visase arrived last, and ran in front of Deesd.

Deesd tried pulling out a Thermal Detonator to blow himself, and everyone else up. Visase fortunately cut off Deesd’s hand before he could activate it. Over the ensuing battle, Visase gave Deesd a world of hurt, but it was Polis who miraculously returned from death following Simon’s missile, who would have killed Deesd had it not been for Deesd’s strength in the force. Hartel slammed Deesd, and jammed him halfway across the room.

Then Orwell showed his prowess off by cutting a fully functional labor droid in two without pulling a muscle.

Once Taral, Kader, Issilum, and Zendral cleaned up the stragglers, Visase cut the kid from his bonds. The kid introduced himself as Verin Taro, and over the course of the discussion, Verin mentioned that he was out exploring without his father’s permission into the lower levels of Coruscant. Verin talked about how he left much of his stuff behind so that he won’t be tracked, and while exploring, he was captured by the Tusken Raiders. Verin mentioned that it was at least lowlives who caught him, and not someone with a more malevolent purpose.

That was when Taral finished reading Deesd’s datapad, and showed it to the rest of the party. The datapad reads the following:

From; Ssurg
Subject; Purchase Order.

Deesd, this be the message that Orm sent to me. Read now:

Fwd Message from Orm:

It is very fortunate for you and me that you and your gang were the ones courageous enough to capture Senator Taro’s son, Verin Taro; despite being the target of the Grey Witch’s Vigilantism. We will have to discuss later as to where we should meet in order to do our business, but I can see you being entitled to at least 500 Thousand Credits for your work in bringing Verin Taro to us alive.
Having Taro’s son hostage should make Senator Taro cooperate with our demands in the future.
Just beware of Verin’s bodyguard who will no doubt be after you. The bodyguard is a Mandalorian, a Taung at that; and not someone your gang can take out on even ground. So if he comes storming in, then kill Verin Taro. The death should at least crush his honor, and there are other ways of getting Senator Taro to cooperate with my demands.

All In Due Time

Orm says kill Verin. I say no, don’t! If Verin die, we no get 500K Credits! We need that money to stake out new turf, and strike down Grey Witch! This be our only chance.


From; Ssurg
Subject; Meeting Orm.

Me and Orm have meeting spot. Go to Zarcha’s Cantina. Talk to Cantina Wench Naol for “Special Entertainment”. Naol will know what to do from there.


From; Ssurg
Subject; 500K Credits

Lots to buy with 500K Credits. Should we buy starships from Galactic Auction in CoCo Town? Should we buy better equipment for Raiders? Or should we hire bounty hunters to kill Grey Witch?

From; Deesd
Subject; 500K Credits

Maybe we make more money? That starfighter engine that we stole a couple of months back from other gangs is apparently part of a ship that a large off-world company is willing to buy back. I can’t recall the name off the top of my head, but if we were to reassemble the ship, we can make even more money by buying the parts the other gangs have.


With that revealed, Verin suggested that they go back to “Uncle” Korot. Verin told the party that he knew he was in for it, and that he wished his father never got into politics.

Then the party set out of the hideout, and made their way back to Korot’s apartment nearby.



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