Star Wars: Rebirth

Putting the Pieces Together

When the party returned to their base, the first bit of news that they heard from Senlet was that Verin Taro ran off, and that there was nothing Senlet could have done to stop him, short of shooting Verin Taro in stun mode.

The party then prepared themselves to go and retireve Verin, but then the buzzer for the front door rang, and Visase and Orwell rushed to open the door. There were 3 people standing at the door. The first person was Verin Taro, the second person was a girl that looks around Verin’s age, and the third was a Twi’lek in Jedi garments.

The Twi’lek introduced himself as Jedi Master Keiran, and that he was passing by to find Verin and his girlfriend being beset by thugs, to which Keiran dispatched, and then brought Verin and his girlfriend here.

It took the party a moment to realize that Keiran was the advisor of Master Dalbar of the Galactic Triumvirate, but first, the party did everything to Verin from reprimanding him, checking him for wounds, and asking Verin who she was.

Verin introduced the party to his girlfriend Henea Ji. Verin talked about how he was worried about the events that have cropped up, and that he feared for the safety of his girlfriend, and so he snuck out to get her to safety. Then he got attacked by gangsters, and Jedi Master Keiran fought them off, and escorted them back.

Master Keiran gave a small speech about being safe and being together in such a world as this, and as Keiran turned to leave, Zendral stopped him to ask him for assistance against the threats of the world. Keiran said that he has to assist Master Dalbar, but Keiran did give the party a contact. While Keiran won’t answer it, Keiran could listen to it, and even call to give the party answers too.

Once Keiran left, the party was left with Henea Ji, and that they had to come up with a reason why she won’t be going back home either. The party decided that Henea’s connection with Verin Taro put her life in danger, and that by government order, was relocated to a safe place. Henea and Issilum did the recording, and once the recording flowed well and was naturallized, it was sent to Henea’s parents, leaving Henea as the newest addition to the crew.

Hartel recruited her as the ship’s janitor.

Then Arken Taro called via the holo-cam. When Arken Taro’s image appeared, he first asked to see Verin Taro. Verin was indifferent about seeing his father, but Arken was happy to see him safe and sound.

Then Arken asked about what the party discovered. The party told Arken Taro more about Orm, being a Hutt working with the Galactic Axis slaving company, and the leads they came up with.

Arken paid each party member 10,000 Credits, and then gave the party the news he obtained.

Firstly, a bill was floating around the senate to support a military platform to fight against Mandalore’s reign of terror. This platform was to also serve as a factory. The company contracted to make this platform was a Chiss weapons company called Emeriss Arms.

The second was that all of the refugees from Plathuui were ordered to be sent to Taris.

After Arken bid his farewells, Zendral began to have a breakdown; to which Visase asked Zendral to tell the party his history with Emeriss Arms.

Zendral told the party everything, about how he was the posterboy of Chiss ingenuity and was working well with Emeriss when his sister; Ari’mavve’dreuoll disappeared. People don’t just disappear on Csilla, and Zendral realized Emeriss had something to do with it when his supervisor did a poor job brushing Zendral’s questions off. So Zendral left and began to find a way to get back at them, with Polis beside him on this goal as well.

When that happened, Simon managed to reactivate E5. When E5 came too, he was shouting terrible things in binary about his vocabulator being broke, and that the party owes him 150,000 Credits for the mess he got in. E5 then began to repair himself and his vocabulator.

Then Verin mentioned how its getting late, and how he needs sleep. He mentioned how he and his girlfriend will share the same bed, but Orwell intervened by typing to Verin that he could sleep with Orwell while Henea got his bed. Then Verin changed his mind and let Henea have her own bed.

Orwell wrote a question for the party, saying that Verin doesn’t deserve the company of a woman until he learns how to defend himself, and Orwell proposed to teach Verin how to defend himself, and much of the rest of the party was behind it too.

But first, the party got into their beds, and began to sleep.



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