Star Wars: Rebirth

Preparing to Liberate Nikahu I & II

Il’yena Song and 63-RM met E5-Z18 who asked for how they were going to chip in, and soon after the rest of the crew. 63-RM spent his time speaking in a manner to Korot that aggravated him, while Il’yena was being admired by Thirra Taro, while she showed her her newfound skill in the use of the Force while also singing a very complex yet beautiful lullaby. No matter how well Il’yena caught the notes, Thirra insisted that it wasn’t the way it was going “now”, and kept trying to correct her. Taral noted that the song was something Il’yena would never fully sing correctly due to her lack of Force Sensitivity.

Meanwhile, 63-RM got Korot to spit on the ground where he immediately took a sample of it and evaluated it, determining the nature of the “Sith Infection”. Korot with reluctance admitted he was had and fell for his feint. Interestingly, 63-RM’s systems can find the Sith Infection, but defines it as an abstraction rather than as a physical thing. Korot’s seems to have collected blood and other vital fluids, sapping his strength.

Then Ensign Nita showed up, and briefed the party about the liberation of Nihaku I & II; twin ice worlds that due to their tidal pulls make either planet very volcanic, erupting geysers of superheated steam and water so high it reaches into the vacuum of space, and exchanges some of it with its twin planet.

Due to volcanic activity, trace heavy elements end up in the geysers as well, disrupting any instruments and communcation that the star destroyer known as Sarvak’s Shield parked between the planets nearest to both colony bases has.

Visase and Kader had previously came up with the idea to get the engineers on both planets to synchronize tectonic well charges to be a little too strong, causing the Sarvak’s Shield to have its instruments distrupted for even longer. At that moment, the strike force must make it through the maintenence hatch, and attempt to disable its systems for good.

The party was given several barrels of Hero’s Sludge, a potent drug that disconnects Force Sensitives from the Force for a few days. Because they found out that the Blue Centurion; the captured Corellean Corvette, had been using artificial midichlorians, and tests have been positive that it doesn’t respond well to drugs and Death Sticks.

If they could disable them from working within the Sarvak’s Shield while keeping the machinery intact and capture it, it could gleam more insights into the mechanics of this odd Sith weapon.

Two stealth teams were eventually chosen to each coordinate with held engineers on both planets. Kader and 63-RM are in one team, while Numni and Hemeri are in the other. After their stealth mission, they are to make way towards the Sarvak’s Shield and assist the others in the assault.

Il’yena then lead the others into a back room, where she admitted where she was coming from. She was an agent of an organization known as the Harmony Initiative. Taral recalls hearing about them developing about a decade ago, though its roots might have gone back farther. They are merchants, looking out for their own interests and making sure the trade goes as well as it could. Taral still questioned Il’yena’s stance in the future, but otherwise let it pass.

Ensign Nita concluded the briefing by requesting the party call up who they know. She will be getting the Ackbar’s Hand ready…



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