Star Wars: Rebirth

Preparing For the Siege: Removing Possible Escape Plan

When the party returned to the Tenugu encampment, Shaetar explained to the party her plans for the false prophet and what part she wanted the party to play in those plans.

Explaining that the false prophet was unlikely to know the nooks and alleys of Urux, Shaetar already ordered for her warriors to flood the underground tunnels of Urux to position her soldiers to strike.

Shaetar also showed the party this map of Urux:

Shaetar explained that most of Urux is built on an artificial elevation by the Gilesh River, so that the river won’t flood it. The district of Anutum Kafmugu is still flat and floods regularly; meaning that the district is full of tall buildings that can wade out the floods while the drainage system pumps out the remaining water. Shaetar planned on hiding some of her warriors in those towering houses.

On the other side of the river is a complex sewage system that drains out into the ocean. Shaetar is utilizing the sewers to position her warriors.

The thing Shaetar needed help with was with the false prophet’s weapons which can’t be harmed by anything Shaetar has, aside from the dark gods. Shaetar however asked for the party to use their explosives expertise on the docking bay outside of Urux, which contains most of the false prophet’s machines.

Once done, the party was to meet with Shaetar in a secluded valley near to Urux for further instruction.

When the party arrived at the site of the docking bay, they found a large building in the center that was identified as the building’s armory, which also looks built to hold a lot of explosives as well. If the calculations are correct, that armory holds enough explosive power to decimate the docking bay.

Without a real plan, the party jumped out of hiding and attacked the unsuspecting guards. Some of the guards recognized Hartel’s celebrity, but Hartel laid down the slam instead of giving them an autograph.

Visase and Taral sped down on their swoop bikes towards a tank in order to take control. Kader stayed behind to take out the pilots of the opposing landspeeders. Polis killed a guard by using another guard as a club (killing that guard too). Realizing Visase and Taral’s plans, and after some communications later, Kader and Zendral each rushed for a tank.

Orwell did much to turn the tide of battle, by bellowing a rallying cry to the gamorrean guards while chopping an Amani into pieces. The other gamorreans turned on the guards and attacked.

The battle ended with Visase, Taral, Zendral, and Kader getting into a tank and eliminating the rest of the guards. Hartel now stands alone in front of an entrance to the armory. The armory was rather inactive during the fight, and soon, the party will learn why…



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