Star Wars: Rebirth

Past the Mandalorians

When the eastern door was opened was a long marble laden hall revealed, flanked by a mezanine overlooking it on each side as it reached towards the elevator at the end.

The Mandalorians on the mezanine opened fire at the party, while Visase spoke of that bad feeling she got from the marble hall; especially since it was so clear of anyone.

Suspecting mines, Taral went on the look out, detecting mines, and later turrets while ensuring blasterfire.

Polis tried to goad the Mandalorians to step down and fight him like Mandalorians, but they exclaimed that real Mandalorians followed their Mand’alore. Polis then proceeded to jump up the mezanine and wreak havoc, throwing Mandalorians around and skewering them with his vibrotrident.

Orwell used several tables, one to blow up mines in the room, and the other to throw at a Mandalorian.

Visase surged up to the mezanine level with a great jump, and began to engage in melee with them.

Zendral disarmed a mine by shooting one, killed a Mandalorian with another shot, and then disabled a turret by shooting it again, before reprogramming it to shoot the mandalorians instead.

Kader remained behind a wall, and sniped down a couple Mandalorians.

Even as Taral took a pounding, Orwell kept himself between Taral and the other Mandalorians while healing Taral up, even after Taral stepped too close to a mine.

When the hall was cleared off, was it a simple matter of rewiring the elevator to take them up to the upper levels.

There, they were greeted with grandose decorations relating more to the Xor family; looking more like Xor’s personal dwelling rather than a guest house. Taral noticed one figure in the portraits that alarmed him, before the other security droids in the room sounded the alarm before erecting their shields, and aiming their blasters at the weary party…



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