Star Wars: Rebirth

Parting Clouds

When the militia and G’Nathir cleared out of the halls to quell riots elsewhere, the party proceeded to the outside of Cloud City. Moving along the road, and evading the fighting on the streets and in the buildings- the party got a better glimpse of the unfortunate financial state of Cloud City- finding that Cloud City had to rebuild some of its structures to accommodate the holes already inserted into it, with some of those holes going all the way through to Bespin’s lower atmosphere.

Following the signs to the governmental district, the party came upon the elevator leading down to Hasel Pilen’s office, located in the middle of a raised platform that had holes in the side leading mostly down to Bespin’s lower atmosphere with only a few connecting areas in between to break the fall. The holes were such that it made a sort of suspended platform within the central platform the party stood on. Also standing beside the elevator entrance are two G’Nathir clad in metal plated armor imbued with the force; and wielded weapons similarly imbued. One them who went by the name of Szul Paszvithu “Stormcaller” wielded a hammer the size of Orwell’s Arg’garok. The other was named Dham Freyyanj “Sun Heart” who wielded a long sword and shield.

Stormcaller announced that he already sees the party’s intentions through their radiance; and even though the party wasn’t aiming towards any unnecessary death or even the death of the one that Stormcaller and Sun Heart swore to protect; the Cloud City mayor Hasel Pilen. The G’Nathir justified their need to protect by proclaiming their oath to their liege Maccus as payment for his sparing of the G’Nathir’s nation and people from the destruction to be wrought on their homeworld of Plathuui. Even as the party got the G’Nathir to admit the lack of honor Maccus had, the G’Nathir could not forsake their own; and that they saw that the party by and large felt the same. After the G’Nathir formally introduced themselves and introduced their challenge to honorable combat, the party accepted.

Stormcaller changed the weather immediately from a breezy-cloudy atmosphere to one thick with storm clouds, wind, and rain. The wind also funneled through the holes present on the platforms like a vacuum. Sun Heart emitted an aura of sunlight from herself that was like a calm spring day to the G’Nathir, and like a harsh summer day to the party. Even with Stormcaller showing off all he learned from Maccus- including launching lightning bolts on impact with his hammer; and Sun Heart catching Taral’s robes on fire; the party persevered with varying degrees of hurt thanks to the party focus firing Stormcaller to submission.

Watching the party persevere against two G’Nathir with energy to spare, Sun Heart surrendered; proclaiming that she and Stormcaller were defeated in honorable combat, and have done what they could for their liege; and now fears for her own people that she lead to the stars to get away from Plathuui’s decimation. The party suggested to Sun Heart that she ought to lead her people elsewhere, and stop serving the whims of others. Taral even suggested that his own order would take them in. While Sun Heart agreed to hearing Taral’s order out, Hartel revived Stormcaller with a Vital Transfer.

As Stormcaller and Sun Heart left their posts to leave from a duty to protect someone they could not protect, Sun Heart emphasized a need to hurry; for if Maccus caught wind that Stormcaller and Sun Heart were acting outside of his orders, he would no doubt make the G’Nathir regret not dying on the battlefield.

With the G’Nathir departing for the refugee camps, the party now stood over the elevator leading into Hasel Pilen’s offices.



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