Star Wars: Rebirth

Outgunning the Turret

When Simon activated the security droids under his command, Polis opened the door leading deeper within the compound and was immediately beset by blasterfire coming from a gun turret at the end of the corridor. Before Polis could react though, two large slug creatures known as Amani immediately coiled up into a ball and rolled blindingly fast at Polis such that Polis couldn’t react; then when Polis got himself together, the Amani were flanking Polis.

The following fight was messy, with the turret showing off its Ion ammunition against the rewired battle droids. As the fighting was going on, Senlet sends a message; stating that he managed to kill the security technician, and has given information about the turret room.

Basically, there are two Barracks on either side of the turret that have enough guards to overwhelm the party; but the barracks are connected via vents that the party could get into to make a mess of the barracks.

The UDS Commandos volunteered to take care of the barracks if they had cover. All the party had to do was wait for their opportunity.

An opportunity came up when the security droids rushed the hall, and the head engineer thought that overdriving the next round of ion ammo into a jet would be best. The ion jet charred the Chiss guards in front of the turret, but did the same to the security droids; with Simon being the only survivor. This blast caused the turret to become too hot to be functional.

Immediately, the party took action; bringing the UDS commandos into the vents while picking off the guards that came out of the barracks. As the tide turned, Senlet continued giving more information about the turret; mainly in that the turret was in a fixed position. Get to the side of the turret, and the turret is a sitting duck.

Visase, Orwell, Taral, and Oot made a gamble by rushing through the corridor to get to the side of the turret; but the gamble payed off.

As the fighting wrapped up, Senlet told the party that he was going to hide in a vent to keep away from the Chiss should they get curious.



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