Star Wars: Rebirth

Of Oskel Karbor's Connections

After having heard of their victory over Darth Maccus’ army on the Holonet via a news report, Yun Brodal, his droid, and also Simon all volunteered to look after Slith, and make sure no harm befalls her.

At the point when the party deliberated to go to the Golden Reef Cantina to find the source of the encrypted message, did Vass’inum’niche gets out of sick bay, back in her healthy condition. Zendral requested that she come with the party, while Sics’enuluo’hassiss worked on the task that Zendral asked of him.

The party arrived at a graffiti covered part of town that was more like a youth/hip area as opposed to a gang ridden one. Still, they found the Golden Reef Cantina where they stepped inside. Numni was commanded to get a drink and get a good vantage point, while the others received another message on their Datapad, telling them to go to the corner table of the bar away from the music stage near where the bar was.

There the party found a lone Mon Calamari who was young; about Hemeri’s age who greeted the party energetically, describing to them that he knew them, and that he helped to break the encryption blocking Dijiec the Hutt’s location from the others, and that he used to work for Tavish Brix as a slicer. Orwell soon made the Mon Calamari very uncomfortable, even telling him he will be sliced if he did something sudden. Orwell laughed, but the Mon Calamari wasn’t. He did introduce himself as Ostek Fahar however, and simply requested to join the party so that he can continue to put his slicing skills to use. That, and he was getting evicted. His only demand was a roof over his head and food on his plate. He also claimed to know of the party’s arrival by having hacked into the Dac Border Guard’s security network.

With a little hesitation, and perhaps not expecting such a friendly encounter, the party agreed to let him on board to take the last remaining bunk.

After that, Ostek made way to The Nest, while the rest of the party made way to Lohil’s mansion in the nice area of Hikahi City, where it looks over a vast coral reef.

After declaring intent of visitation to Lohil’s service droid did Lohil come out to welcome the party inside, before seating them in the living room overlooking the reef from the ocean floor. Lohil gave his story to them, that he was a childhood friend of Oskel Karbor, and it was when Oskel’s business got larger that he began to change fundamentally. Soon, Lohil found that there was no way he could even touch Oskel; as he is now connected to judges who would rule in his favor.

But Lohil stated that he felt sorry for Slith, and implied he likely felt more than just that for her as he noticed her having to hide her facial cuts and scars, and saying she fell down stairs, or some other excuse that just keeps on happening, and while having wounds that didn’t match what she stated caused it.

Kader got his hands on some Mon Calamari Liquor know as Sarmath, which is a dark blue drink that seemed to make him see blue out his good eye for a good five minutes as it rolls back, and has a salty alcoholic flavor.

Orwell and Polis repeated that Lohil’s behavior was cowardly- by not acting when he knows something is wrong, to which Lohil agreed with that.

Lohil was certain that the one called ‘Jolly’ was a member of the Xor Mafia, a family of Quarren who are still much at war with the Mon Calamari as is traditional for them since ages past, who he is sure would hold enough influence to change how a judge rules. But he didn’t feel that was the full picture either.

Then Zendral recommended he be Hemeri’s attorney when the trial comes up, to which Lohil accepted would be best given his past as a coward, and perhaps set things right. Lohil also provided the name of a law librarian named Farzik who will give them Oskel’s Last Will and other documents, likely without it going around the grapevine to an unsavory location.

With the last of the questions answered, Lohil gave the party his contact information, and then once the party walked out, E5 noted Ostek’s arrival and that “the brats” are awake now.

Zendral, Numni, and Kader all made their way to the Law Library and met up with Farzik, who excitedly gave them the information on Oskel’s last will, and at Zendral’s behest, all of the documents Oskel is connected to as well; which was a big long list.

Meanwhile, the others had returned to The Nest, and made sure Ostek found his way to his new bunk, while Thirra constantly asked him about her “Uncle Tavish” despite Ostek never having talked to her about that.

The others arrived to hear Henea yelling at Verin through the door. Once that was done, Henea stepped out of the door only to be stopped by Orwell. Orwell made Henea come with him inside to see Verin looking bummed while slumped over the bed. Orwell told Verin he understood where he came from, but he was still foolish, and if he had told Orwell he was going to try to undergo something dangerous like take corruption into his own body, that he should let him, or the Jedi know first. When Orwell positioned himself in a hugging position, Verin hesitated before he returned the gesture. Taral and Visase both emphasized again to consult them when it came to matters involving the Force.

Taral stated that he was feeling weakened, and that he would do it a thousand more times if necessary.

Thirra thanked Orwell for helping her fight her nightmares, and then Thirra then thanked Taral for taking away her nightmares and making sure her mother was at peace.

When Kader, Zendral, and Numni returned, Thirra was happy to see Kader and Zendral, but the sight of Numni about brought her to tears. Numni couldn’t look Thirra in the eyes.

With the group back together, they considered how they were going to get some hard evidence on Infinite Depths and Oskel Karbor. They figure that getting into their HQ would be a good idea. Ostek was tasked in getting into Infinite Depth’s systems, and perhaps even the Xor Mafia’s systems as well. Ostek needs a sample that is connected to the Xor network for him to get in however. Something like a datapad, or other tool…



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