Star Wars: Rebirth

Moorr Dots Moorr Dots! Oh Hutt, Noss Again!

After the defense turret was taken down, Polis opened the next door; triggering an alarm, alerting those in the meeting room to come out.

The first to arrive was the ODVZ representative, a Duros named Moorr; who immediately recognized Kader and Oot fearfully. Moorr pulled out a Thermal Detonator to finish the job, but Orwell’s intervention meant that the job ended not getting finished. 2 UDS Fighters met their end from the explosion, followed by Moorr and his bodyguards.

What made matters difficult was the arrival of a Hutt who was preventing the party from getting close to the gunners behind him. Even as Orwell and Polis fought, they both fell. Orwell recovered, and rushed to the vents alongside Visase to flank the meeting room.

The Hutt took many hits without looking in pain, but still; thanks to concentrated fire and previous wounds, the Hutt fell. To replace the Hutt, Amani rolled out; but they proved to be easier prey than the Hutt was.

Taral rushed off to free the Force Sensitive prisoner, while Oot was left to face off against the enemy. Oot called for the remaining commandos to come to his side, but between the autofire assault by the elite Chiss guard, and the grenade lobbed by Emeriss Representative Noss, the Commandos died, and Oot was gravely injured.

Visase, Orwell, and Senlet reunited; and then they all dropped down into the room below before positioning themselves to flank the hapless guards. Meanwhile, Taral freed the prisoner; a Duros UDS Fighter named Vun who wasted no time in helping with the battle.

With concentrated firepower, the last of the Amani were taken out, and just when Emeriss thought the battle decided, Visase, Senlet, and Orwell struck; devastating the health of the elite guards.

When it was just Noss left, Noss began to talk to Zendral like they had known each other; even making a crack about how Zendral could never score. Zendral’s Jabbas remained unrustled, even as Orwell beheaded Noss.

Vun told his story while he revealed that his Force talents lied in healing. Vun healed a good deal of everybody’s wounds before Vun felt too winded to use the Force.

Orwell on the other hand found Noss’ datapad, which he took and read it. The datapad message read:

“Plathuui was a success. We acquired many new slaves. Many new Force Sensitives. Our owner wishes to congratulate you all on your progress, but there is much more to be done!

Dalbar has notified Mandalore of the world of Feibraxa. The Feibrax, like the Plathuu aren’t nice looking like the Twi’lek or the Zeltron; but the Feibrax are physically strong, show much force sensitivity; and are primitive.

Dalbar will continue to do what he can to keep the Jedi and the Triumvirate from acting while Mandalore continues his conquest; and we profit from it.

Our correspondent on Coruscant; Shyr Praz has been notified of Dalbar’s plans and is preparing for the harvest.

All involved will get good compensation for their works.

The time draws closer. I hope your meeting was fruitful.




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