Star Wars: Rebirth

Luftha Xor Strikes Back!

After Shendi Yosk looked at the evidence, and watched the recordings did she declare that the time of Hemeri’s trial has come in between her ruminating over how horrible Oskel Karbor really was.

After receiving word from her investigation team that Infinite Depths CEO Natmar Smers got arrested, and their findings of some very damning evidence did Shendi receive one more message on her datapad; one from Darth Maccus.

After exchanging words, Maccus warned that party that Luftha Xor is getting worried and is making his moves. He also explained that he was the guy who was controlling Dac’s government, and that he could be anywhere on Dac. He has a mansion in the Verdant Abyss area on Dac, but is likely preparing to hide elsewhere.

That was when Polis roared into Maccus’ holoprojected face about how he will kill him. Maccus paid little heed. Before Maccus could say his goodbyes was the holoprojector turned off on him.

At that point, Shendi and the party deliberated about a course of action for finding Luftha Xor. Zendral spoke about how they could get the rangers of the Verdant Abyss in on looking for the mansion, since it was on illegal real estate, with the Abyss itself being a Galactic Wildlife Refuge. Shendi tasked the party with bringing Luftha Xor back alive while she prepared for the trial ahead.

Zendral requested Ostek make a program to gather the camera feed around the Verdant Abyss. Before he could continue though, Ostek sent the party a feed from his cameras at Infinite Depths, revealing numerous Quarren wearing worker’s jackets packing up the fancy security droids beneath HQ. Ostek hacked a police security droid to follow the convoy the quarren were loading the droids into, when the explosions rang out; causing the quarren to scramble for their blasters. From the rooftops and the buildings were Mon Calamari shooting at them. Zooming in on their garb, it was clear that the Mon Calamari were wearing Goruhad’s Cross on their persons.

The party hurried to The Nest to get as quickly as possible to the scene. Verin reminded the party that he and the other crew were ready to help in whatever way they can, since Ostek appraised him on the situation with the Xor family, and likely Oskel Karbor’s deeds as well.

Visase ordered for Eroll Skav and Vass’inum’niche to go to Lohil’s location to guard him, while Orwell told Verin that he, and the two Droideka can protect the ship. Verin wasn’t sure, but he said he would try anyways.

The party arrived at the big seaglass statue of Oskel Karbor to see police roving the area intensely. One officer confronted the party, only for the party to display their naval badges, allowing them entry into the scene.

The policeman explained that so far, it was a firefight involving the criminal organization known as Goruhad’s Cross, and the workers at Infinite Depths.

When they met up with Police Chief Nashac, he gave little information, aside from pointing out a surviving quarren worker, and a surviving and captured Goruhad’s Cross member.

Orwell went to check on the worker’s condition, where he was cupping at a wound. A nearby officer told Orwell to stay away until professional help came by, only for Orwell to knock the gangster out when the gangster refused help. Despite going against orders, the officer did nothing to Orwell while he treated a blaster wound while noting a tattoo that had the letter Xesh surrounded in tentacles curving right at a 72.5 degree angle.

The Chief didn’t look very comfortable with the party doing the investigations, but he followed orders.

The symbol was found on all of the other quarren. When Visase interviewed the Goruhad’s Cross member after his bones were manually fit back into place by Orwell did he clarify the symbol. It was as the party suspected, it was the symbol belonging to the Xor family.

Visase then made a deal with the gangster, that he would do his part to make a truce with her and to cooperate with locating Luftha Xor in exchange for him being pardoned for his deeds in that scene.

Meanwhile, Zendral had salvaged a single combat droid from the wreckage, and then reprogrammed it to not attack him or those around him.

Ostek then sent another message, detailing how Yun reported that Slith was attacked by thugs, but that Simon made quick and brutal work of them; and then when Eroll Skav and Numni found Lohil, they found him on the floor of his home bleeding out of his throat.

Orwell was rushed into a police cruiser to get to the scene to rescue Lohil. Visase memorized that officer’s face, and then detected his surface thoughts. She then let him go without a word.

Orwell arrived at Lohil’s house to find Eroll Skav keep pressure on his throat. He explained that Numni is looking for the assassin. Orwell then stopped the bleeding, and then stitched Lohil back together. Miraculously, Lohil came to, but only barely. Orwell picked him up, and then Orwell ordered Eroll to search the mansion for anything important. Eroll agreed, while Orwell made way back to the scene.

Taral in the meanwhile had spoken to Yun Brodal, and he relayed that Slith was ready to try The Nest instead of her apartment for her safety.

After Visase relieved Chief Nashac of investigating the scene on Naval orders did she also demand that he relinquish all information they collected on the case.

With Nashac ordering the officers to clean the scene up did the party make way back to The Nest…



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