Star Wars: Rebirth

Landfall on Dagobah

After some deliberation, the party decided to get Volk-Un’s help to get them to Dagobah past Sith lines. Kale’zen’dreuoll and Polis remained behind on the Ackbar’s Honor, while Visase, Taral, Orwell, and Kader took to Volk-Un’s ship. They also decided not to give away the fact that the Xor imprisoned is an imposter to the Navy.

After Volk-Un bluffed amazingly well against the Sith blockade on their hyperspace route did he manage to make a clear enough shot towards Dagobah.

Darth Maccus contacted the ship, assuring the party he won’t give them away to Luftha Xor, but that he did want to give them advice in capturing his family. Land at Yoda’s Hut. The cave nearby is a nexus for the Dark Side, and can hide one’s signature from the Force. It would be the perfect vantage point for keeping out of Xor’s Force Sight. Not to mention that the Force users can get something out of the caves if they walk in alone. Maccus also stated that there are now Sith where once there were Jedi.

That became much more clear after Taral used the Force to make the pilgrimage to Yoda’s hut, only for the ship to scrape the canopies of the marsh, and almost repeat Luke Skywalker’s landing into the marsh with his X-Wing, only for Taral to catch it at the last minute, and land Volk’s Wagon well onto the landing pad. For the groundskeeper was a Lanodar Sith named Darth Chronos. Darth Chronos announced that he knew who the party was, but that this was sacred ground and didn’t want to defile it. The party uneasily took his hospitality, but left him alone after that, and made way for the cave nearby.

Kader smoked a cigarillo while Orwell looked for things to eat while Taral and Visase each took turns in the cave. Orwell managed to catch a Bogwing before it could catch a massive slug by the time Visase stepped out looking disturbed. Taral didn’t look too much better either.

When they put out the fire, Darth Chronos approached them, and told them that he was willing to take them under the shelter of the hut for the night. He set up cots for them, and beckoned them to rest, while he went to the other room to continue his meditations…



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