Star Wars: Rebirth

Ironchain's Defeat, and the Start of the Trial

Szul Szamoj “Ironchain” started the battle without any more words when he struck at the whole party with his Force imbued iron chain that grew to 12 meters, and wrapped around the legs of the party while still passing through them. Only Polis was not knocked down from the sweeping chain.

The battle joined when the party stood up and spread out. Polis and later Orwell flanked Szamoj while Szamoj switched his chain’s stance to circle around himself menacingly.

Eventually, both Polis and Orwell struck at Szamoj a little too wide, causing the chain to wrap around their arms and tightening. While Szamoj was able to toss Orwell in the air like a flail head, Polis remained grounded, once because of his own efforts, and once more by Taral’s own to ensure his success.

Taral stood back primarily, and made sure to keep Szamoj knocked out of commission by using Force techniques, while Visase, Zendral, and Kader attempted to burn him down in their own ways.

Eventually, Orwell was knocked unconscious by a tightening chain, and was flung into a bookshelf after he tried to cut the chain with Darth Mantis’ lightsaber. Just then, Zendral struck Szamoj down with his blasters.

Szamoj muttered about how he failed, and then continued to mutter in his native tongue before Visase shot him with her blaster on Stun.

Taking all prisoners out of the mansion, the party learned that the navy had been above surface and tracking their progress. They destroyed the traitorous rangers, and discovered a lone escape pod that Luftha Xor attempted to escape his mansion with.

The party, along with an unconscious Szul Szamoj, scientists, and Yari Kebata soon split into separate submarines in the guard’s quarters. On their way back, they found that the barnacle leviathans had been feasting on the submarine dock that had been cut out as the party forced their way inside.

But by using the soothing sonar signals, they were ignored by the leviathans as they surfaced.

When the party made it to the Ackbar’s Honor did they discover the prisons of Yari Kebata and Luftha Xor as being in secret areas on the Ackbar’s Honor. There in a soundproof force fielded cell was Luftha Xor looking ahead but being silent while Shendi Yosk got her debriefing, and insisted that the trial must commence tomorrow, and that the party will need to put together all evidence against him. She also mentioned that Goruhad’s Cross had been very cooperative, but hadn’t spoken with them for long.

Both Taral and Visase sensed that Shendi Yosk had slipped more to the Dark Side as of late, Visase voiced her suspicion at the capture of all parties being far too easy…

Visase showed Shendi the lightsabers of the Sith found down there, along with the holocrons of Luftha’s family members, including one of Darth Azard; a high ranking Sith 500 years ago, while Polis displayed Darth Mantis’ hand as harboring the symbol of the One Sith on it.

Kale’zen’dreuoll spoke of how he was worried that Yari Kebata’s testimony would fracture the whole on Dac, making it so war would happen on multiple fronts. Taral assured Zendral that Darth Maccus could destroy the military at will, and then Visase voiced that all it would take is one nosy character to reveal what really happened to kill somebody, and compromise the views of everyone involved.

Zendral had recommended killing Yari quietly, stating that he had perished in the firefight in the Mansion, in the hopes that Dac would remain stable. Orwell articulated his willingness to help dispose of both Xor and Kebata, while he looked at Xor calculatingly.

In the end, the party as a whole agreed with the route to reveal to the people was is really happening, and then deal with whatever fallout comes.

Darth Maccus also interrupted the deliberation through Shendi Yosk’s messenger, claiming that he sensed the party had caught Xor and that he would be happy to be a witness to the trial ahead. Zendral made a faux cheer, when Maccus told him some “good” news that his sister was still ok. Zendral’s and Visase’s moods darkened after that, and then Maccus ended the call as suddenly as he initiated it.

Shendi requested the party go and garner all they had helped before, because the Sith will invade when Dac is at its weakest, and position them wherever they are needed. The trial starts tomorrow, and the party will need to be present.



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