Star Wars: Rebirth

I'm Sorry, But Your Orm is on Another Planet

The party woke up the next morning to find E5 had successfully taken apart a lightsaber and an energy ball. The next thing they found out was that Gunja was chugging Booma Fruit Juice and recovering from a hangover.

Then the datapad rang, and Orm gave the message that he wanted to meet the party in an alley positioned deep down beneath the works later on in the night.

So the party prepared to bring “Verin” along. E5 was very against going, but after being presented with payment of about 50,000 Credits, more if he got hurt, then he would agree to it. Also amazingly enough, Korot accepted Taral’s request for him to come along.

E5 spent 8 hours learning how to talk like Verin Taro, and then the party hid E5 under a blanket.

The party then brought everyone into Gunja’s bus, and made sure to take Gunja off the bus too so as to better get over the hangover.

Issilum then drove the bus out carefully and professionally, and brought the party into the depths of Coruscant, to bear witness to conditions far worse than what they’ve seen. The only signs of live are scavengers, both sentient and non-sentient sifting through the trash for food.

Still, the party made it to the meeting spot. Though Taral sensed they were being watched, the party remained vigilant.

Then Orm, and the nikto Rorlak arrived with a squad of gamorrean guards. Orm demanded to see Verin first. E5 made comments in Verin’s voice, but once the blanket was removed, Kader rushed in to attack, but the snipers in the buidlings beat Kader to the punch, nearly dropping Kader.

The rest of the battle was intense in parts. E5 shut down due to getting punched and kicked in by Rorlak, and E5’s vocabulator broke in half as well, but not before E5 managed to make Rorlak bleed out with his custom made and compact vibro-saws.

The party took turns killing off the guards, though thanks to Simon’s Carbonite Rifle, and Korot’s grappling, Orm was subdued, while the rest of the party killed Rorlak over time.

Once Orm was subdued, Orm mumbled that he wasn’t Orm at all, and that he was a slave, much like everyone else working under Orm. The “Orm” that the party subdued was actually named Zann Wek, and he was told that if he brought Verin Taro over to Orm alive and without paying the potential buyers the money, then Zann and his family will be free from slavery.

Zann worked for the slaving company called the Galactic Axis. Their symbol is a galaxy with three lines crossing over it. The horizonal being marked with a Xesh at the end, the vertical marked with a Yirt, and the diagonal line being marked with a Zerek. Zann mentioned that at this time, his boss was named Orm. Orm changes his name, but right now, he is Orm, and Orm is a Hutt, and the leader of the Galactic Axis.

With Zann failing his mission, he decided that he may as well just tell the party where to start in subduing the Galactic Axis. At this time, Orm is interested in the war and conquest Mandalore the Reborn is bringing out, taking refugees away and bringing them into his slaving ring. Orm’s vision is on Plathuui right now, but Zann did mention that he operated out of an outpost in the Vein Tangle, in the lower levels. The party could start there in figuring out just how deep the hole goes.

Zann also mentioned that Mandalore doesn’t attack Galactic Axis ships, so most likely, the Axis and Mandalore have an agreement.

The party then left him, promising him that they would not hurt his family should they ever find them. Then the party went back onto the bus, carrying a disabled E5 with them back to their base.



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