Star Wars: Rebirth

Hemeri's Acquittal

(Because I lost my previous progress, and don’t feel like retyping everything I wrote before, this entry will be cut short, but will still hopefully be sufficient.)

As the party ate breakfast (Except Orwell and Polis), Lohil explained the court procedures, and that the first case was about Hemeri’s charges of murder and fleeing the scene. Hemeri, who had since been placed on house arrest from Xor’s attempt on his life in incarceration, then went and got dressed formally alongside the rest of the party. Polis was adamant about not wearing formal attire, and that his armor was fine. Due to laws entailing bringing in weapons and armor though, Polis would not be allowed to do so. Polis insisted that he can’t come in then, and it was left at that.

The party were then led into court, where much of the crew either sat at the table or sat in the stands. The trial was watched over by an old quarren judge who saw Hemeri’s defense on one side, but also Natmar Smers’ side on the other. Due to Natmar’s close relationship to Oskel Karbor; Hemeri’s foster father, he was to stand in Oskel’s defense. Sitting beside Natmar was a young Mon Calamari woman who looked uncomfortable. Hemeri’s eyes looked in her direction many times, but hers kept looking down.

The trial began with Hemeri being put up to the stands for questioning. Hemeri stated he was not guilty on either charge, and that he did so to protect his mother. Visase then testified to show the kind of person Oskel was and who he worked with. After Lohil got permission to play Oskel’s strongbox’s recording, did Henea lead Thirra out of the courtroom, and then did it play out the horrors Oskel and his cronies committed, along with his sworn allegiances to the Xor Family. Natmar Smers began to look increasingly tense, while the Mon Calamari woman next to him looked on in disgust.

Natmar in response to questioning about his knowledge of his knowing about those friends Oskel had did Natmar attempt to give a very neutral answer. That was when Natmar Smers’ own strongbox was pulled up after naval special forces arrested him. Before the recording could be played did the Mon Calamari woman shout out in tears about how she doesn’t want to see what Natmar did. Despite the judge playing the buzzer, Natmar called out her name, “Amasora”, but she kept looking at him with disgust. She then looked over at Hemeri and apologized hurriedly. Hemeri was trying to finish a thought, calling her by name, but she just apologized again, announced to Natmar that she was through with him, and then she stormed out of the court.

Natmar’s face sunk to that of hollow defeat. Slith whispered to Orwell that she was Hemeri’s girlfriend back in the academy.

Natmar’s face never changed, even when his recording was played to the horror of the court.

Zendral suggested to the judge to freeze the Infinite Depth’s assets temporarily for security of the court, to which the judge insisted that that will all be covered.

Wanting to salvage something out of the situation, Natmar’s lawyer asked Hemeri how many times he had stabbed Oskel. The forensics found 17 stab wounds; three in the head, two in the neck, two in the right arm, and the rest all over the torso; and that he asked Hemeri if the excessiveness of his attack was reflecting at all on his intentions to protect his mother.

Visase and Taral explained how excessive force happens in defense of another, especially considering this was Hemeri’s first time taking someone’s life. Orwell was more than happy to provide a piece or two of that same wisdom as well.

When the question of Hemeri fleeing from justice happened did his mother Slith stand up and admit she encouraged Hemeri to flee the scene. Oskel’s connections were so powerful that they kept his own records clean despite his infractions upon them. No amount of justice would have ever given Hemeri a fair trial then.

Zendral hit that point home about how flight would not have been necessary had the system protected Hemeri in the first place.

Verin then requested he provide testimony to Hemeri’s character, to which, and to the surprise of much of the party, did he pull out a holocron with Arken Taro’s personality recorded into it. Even Taral was surprised that he managed to do it.

After Henea and Thirra were beckoned back into the room by Captain Ikmon did Arken give a long testimony about Hemeri’s deeds, but that he had found out about Hemeri’s crimes, and have thus used them to blackmail him into working for him. Hemeri was one of the core players in why we even know of the Sith takeover, and why the galaxy is now up in arms against them, and that he was one of the players in the rescue of his family in those times as well. He was also the moral compass, even encouraging Arken to quit politics when this was all done. Arken concluded his testimony by saying that he always did what he felt was necessary while Hemeri always did the right thing, not to mention his flying prowess being one of the best he’s ever seen. Hemeri is a hero, and a model in what it means to be Mon Calamari.

Orwell even spoke up about Hemeri was part of the reason he is a free man.

At the conclusion of it, Taral spoke in amazement about how he only thought Force Sensitives could leave enough of an imprint to live on in the holocron. Arken stated that it wasn’t easy or cheap, but that Admiral Yosk made sure to help out with it.

At that, the jury made the verdict. Hemeri was found not guilty of murder of Oskel, and of fleeing the scene. Natmar Smers however was guilty on so many charges, and was quietly led out of the court.

Hemeri cheerfully stated that he was hungry and ready for breakfast, while Lohil spoke about how the next trials will be far more difficult; discussing the fates of those arrested, such as Yari Kebata and Luftha Xor.



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