Star Wars: Rebirth

Going Kaa-razy With Ssurg: The Tusken Raider's Hideout

The party, after defeating Sharaf, plotted their next course of action while they scoured the other side rooms. After finding a large cache of equipment and items, the party debated as to whether or not to go and deal with the Tusken Raider’s SVD-74 Droid and grab the starship engine they had down there, or to go to the upper levels and contend with Ssurg, like their mission dictated.

The party had mixed ideas, but they finally decided to go and contend with Ssurg first, but first Issilum managed to get some of the Faded Tapuul to bring a platoon inside to contend with the lower levels, while the rest of the party went to the upper levels. The Faded Tapuul was headed by Vohs Farak, one of the “Uncles” of the Faded Tapuul.

The party made their way onto the upper levels of the headquarters to find that it was one giant hallway. The party also encountered a gang member who tried to retreat down the hallway, only for him to step on a mine and blow up. The party then did all manner of things, from jumping over the landmines, hitting them from afar, and disarming them, all the while killing the few Tusken Raiders that stand in the way.

Eventually, the party made it to the end of the hall to find that the Tusken Raiders have fortified themselves quite nicely. After planning their moves, Taral and Hartel rush into the room and Force Blast the gangsters behind the fortifications, before Ssurg, and the new second in command Kaa went for the kill.

Kaa managed to shoot Taral twice, nearly killing him, but in a fit of anger, Taral reversed Kaa’s fortune by manifesting Force Lightning on Kaa, causing Kaa to sit out of the rest of the fight in the long run.

Ssurg on the other hand tried to fight with his Vibroswords, before Polis threw Ssurg to the ground. Ssurg countered by eviscerating Polis, but much to Ssurg’s dismay, Polis still stood strong even when cut open.

In short, Hartel finally managed to keep Ssurg under a Force Grip hold before Simon managed to keep Ssurg down in Carbonite.

Taral finished off Kaa with a powerful strike from his Lightsaber, and then Ssurg answered questions after Visase pummeled him with the blunt of her vibroblade.

Ssurg said what he knew of Orm. Orm was another buyer, interested in Verin Taro, and was the highest bidder, bidding 500000 Credits. However, Arken Taro bid 0 Credits. Though Orm ended up giving Ssurg instructions in how to treat Verin Taro while in his custody, such as watching out for Verin’s bodyguard.

Ssurg also spoke of the droid and the starship engine. Ssurg never had problems with making the droid work for him, as the droid thought that Ssurg was his master. But the droid was assigned to stand guard over the starship engine as the engine was worth quite a large amount of money, especially to a contact from Csilla. More specifically, Emeriss Arms claimed that that starship belonged to them before it was stolen.

The party then debated how they wanted to deal with Ssurg, but during the conversation, Orwell said something insulting about Ssurg in Gamorrean. As it turns out, Ssurg understood Gamorrean. Then push came to shove, and Ssurg broke out of his carbonite and punched Orwell in the face. Then Orwell countered by splitting Ssurg down the middle, but making him fork down at the end of the chest.

Ssurg’s body tried to regenerate, but Orwell placed a deactivated mine into Ssurg’s chest as it sealed up. Then Polis took Ssurg’s body with him, and Orwell took Kaa’s body with him.

Then they both went back to the lower levels to find that some crates had moved around, but on one of the crates was a datapad with a lone entry on it.

The entry was from Vohs of the Faded Tapuul. Vohs thanked the party for helping to take Ssurg and the Tusken Raiders down, but that Vohs and the Faded Tapuul also needed an even share of the spoils. So Vohs took the SVD-74 droid and the starship engine from down below, and moved them back to their headquarters. But also, the Faded Tapuul will not attack the party on their turf.

The party then reacted from everything to swearing to saying, “I told you so.”



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