Star Wars: Rebirth

Exit Orm, Enter Unus

At the elevators on the 11th floor of the Jedi Temple, Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel told the party that the others have searched every hidden part of the Jedi Temple and found everybody they could, including several Jedi Youngbloods. Jedi Master Choon Zadooz had requested that he and Mevas depart with the Youngbloods, their caretakers, and several Yuuzhan Vong Guardians that he take care of them. The party agreed to do so. Yuuzhan Vong Guardian Captain Shu’val had volunteered to assist the party against Darth Orm however.

Harbu Nord received the orders to help Chas Plegu and his police squad in buying the party time and volunteered to carry them out. While the party was on the elevator itself however, Harbu messaged the party stating that he got a message from Chas Plegu, being of his final moments of agony; and that Harbu and his squad got caught in a large scrap with security forces in order to cover Jedi Grandmaster Dalbar’s, Korot’s, Verin’s, and Thirra’s escape. As far as Harbu knows, the four of them are safe in the Nest, and that Chas Plegu and his police are dead. Darth Unus, Supreme Commander Thaz Welk, and Emperor Sarvak Fel have made it inside of the Galactic Senate building itself.

The party made their way up the elevator with Evarr Dreskel and Reiss Vingen in tow with haste towards the highest level of the Jedi Temple. At the top, the party was greeted by the sight of the last of the Guards, Sith Apprentices, and Imperial Knights dead at the feet of the rest of the group. The only thing that remained between the party and Darth Orm, was the suspended hallway to the Triumvirate Tower.

Within the Tower itself, the party found Darth Orm (Jedi Master Keiran) standing by himself while looking out one of the tower’s large windows out at the burning cityscape against the backdrop of a dark pre-morning sky. Zendral immediately pointed both of his blaster pistols at Orm, but Orm made no such moves. Even when Visase spoke to Orm of the fact that it was Darth Maccus that put the party up to challenging Orm, as well as Vlodigurtal’s Cumquat’s contributions to their education of Orm’s charade, but Orm dismissed both of Visase’s taunts with the first being as something Maccus would do to keep him on his toes, and the last one as having made no difference in Orm’s workings within the Jedi Temple in the end.

When the party confronted Orm with the crimes he committed against the Federation, Orm responded calmly with the fact that the only reason the city fell to violence was due to the fact that Arken Taro and the party made it so, and that it otherwise would have been a peaceful and quiet take-over. Nonetheless, Orm asserted that he fulfilled his purpose successfully, and now it is merely a matter of waiting for his master Darth Unus to arrive. Each point brought up by the party to Orm against his actions and intent was twisted back at the party. When it was clear that the word exchange wasn’t making any waves; Zendral fired his blaster pistols at Orm, with the rest of the party following suit in quick succession. Where the blaster shots hit on Orm’s form however ended up causing his form to ripple like water on a pond.

As Orm’s illusionary form gave way, Orm struck at Zendral out from nowhere while chanting the Jedi Code. As the party intervened, Orm appeared to strike at the offending party members as suddenly as he did to Zendral. When Orm finished chanting the Jedi Code, illusionary copies of Orm were seen all over the Triumvirate Tower with their lightsabers drawn, and their arms cackling with force lightning.

The three Jedi Masters immediately entered meditation, empowering the party and their allies in the room to be able to sense the changes in the force for where the real Orm is, and also to always strike true at Orm.

By cutting down the illusions, the force reacted by flickering into existence anomalies in the room that reflected Darth Orm’s signatures. Visase shot the first such anomaly with her own pistol, and the shot ripped straight through Orm’s chest, causing all of the other existing illusions to take on the same wound.

The illusions got more and more overwhelming, until Orm began to quickly strike at the party and their allies in multiple goes. Then when the anomalies appeared after cutting down more of Orm’s illusions, they started appearing in multitudes. Visase found herself sensing the force for clarity before striking the correct anomaly with her lightsaber.

Finally, Visase jabbed Orm in the back, and then cut upwards to his chest; causing all of the other illusory copies of Orm to disappear. A mortally wounded Orm began to laugh, claiming that Darth Unus has already arrived, and will finish the party’s existence where he himself could not.

Out of the corner of the party’s eyes, they noticed what looked like Gunja’s bus speeding straight into the Triumvirate Tower towards the door Orm was pointing out that had Darth Unus behind it. The moment Unus opened the door was the moment Gunja’s bus broke through the Triumvirate Tower’s window, and then crashed into Unus, along with Unus’ escorts; Thaz Welk and Sarvak Fel. Unus, Thaz, and Sarvak were slammed into the far wall by the Galactic Senate Elevator in a debris-full and fiery entrance.

When the party’s hearing returned, they noticed Gunja himself swaying on a broken metal rafter by his parachute strings like a swing. Gunja told the party about how he was sidetracked on his way to help them, while exchanging pleasantries. The exchange between Gunja and the party was kept at a minimum; even when Zendral asked if this was the first time Gunja totalled his bus. Gunja, noticing the mortally wounded Orm crawl away asked if Keiran was the bad guy all along, and then asked if the party was going to kill him. Visase, annoyed that Orm survived her first attempt at executing him painfully decapitated him.

Orm’s body turned from flesh into a fine crystalline sand that Hartel mentioned looks almost identical to the sand used to make copies of the athletes in the Hoopin’ Slam game. Gunja, while ranting about how anti-climactic the Sith pass away was interrupted abruptly when he was suddenly slammed by his own totaled bus. All that remained of Gunja was a large bloodspray mark, and the sight of the bus careening into the depths of Coruscant.

Turned back to where the bus was, was the seething dark-cloaked Darth Unus; standing beside the mashed bodies of Supreme Commander Thaz Welk and Emperor Sarvak Fel. Darth Unus made steady strides over the burning debris towards the Triumvirate Tower. Jedi Masters Rooth Ank, Yana Lish, and Evarr Dreskel ignited their lightsabers and formed a line to block Unus’ path. The rest of the party and the group followed.

As Unus walked closer, his physical features became clearer from under the hood of his black cloak. He was of a reptilian appearance with an oval head with an eye stalk protruding out each side of the oval. His eyes at the end of their stalks glow with a violent crimson light through the shadows of his hood. His mouth is lined with rows of razor sharp teeth

When Unus entered the room, he looked upon the resistance force that had gathered, and merely told them to step aside, and that they don’t need to die here. Zendral made a snarky remark that he would rather have a different Sith Lord, but Unus made no sign of caring about that remark while he only stopped for a brief moment at Visase before continuing his inspections. Unus asked Visase about what she saw in her vision of him, while Taral made a comment to Unus about how he and Orm seem to have manners more akin to a Jedi.

Unus demanded that Taral not compare him to “That animal”. Unus spoke of the Sith like they are a bunch of hungry massiffs that crave power for its own sake. When asked about where Unus stood in that, Unus simply said that he was the houndmaster; and that unlike the Sith animals, Unus has a purpose and a reason for desiring the reins of the Galactic Federation.

Unus spoke of his own visions for the Galaxy. He spoke of how he saw a galaxy full of sentients that lacked what they needed to be at peace. That is, a purpose to strive for to not only complete themselves; but a large purpose for every other sentient as well to struggle through together. Unus briefly mentioned the lack of sentients who can feel the warmth of the force during his speech.

It was at that point that the Jensaraai “Rancor” ignored the desire of Tafin not wanting him to attack. “Rancor” ignited his lightsaber and flew into a ravenous frenzy and charged recklessly at Unus. Unus quickly pulled out his long-handled lightsaber, ignited the blade, and in a motion that nobody could catch; cut “Rancor” in half. Visase sensed the power within the lightsaber as being of a signature not unlike the core of the space factory flying over Coruscant, with the Force Sensitives it devoured to make it. Though, the power in the lightsaber is far more faint, and far more ancient.

After that display of power, another question was posed to Unus about how sure he was about not repeating the past. Unus declared that he was determined not to repeat the past, and that he even carries the past with him to remind himself, and that the only way he can try is if he has control of the Galactic Federation. Unus stated that to get better at ruling, he must rule. Unus gave one more warning to the resistance to step aside and fight another day, or else Unus will have to kill them.

Zendral told Visase that he has her back. Visase called for the Nest to come and pick her and the party up.

The resistance had decided to fight another day. Yana Lish almost threw herself at Unus, but some urging from Rooth Ank got her to break away out of the wisdom of the action. Evarr Dreskel, Rooth Ank, Yana Lish, and Hassan decided they were going to accompany Dalbar into exile; because it is only a matter of time before the Jedi are to be hunted down like massiffs like in times past. Evarr Dreskel encouraged Taral and Visase to continue with the rest of the party and to fight the war their own way; and spearhead the resistance on their front.

Tafin and the remaining Jensaarai declared that when they strike at Unus to invite them in order to avenge her “Rancor”.

Corporal Reiss Vingen and his squad had to attend other mercenary work on their end, but stated that he hopes to see the party again.

The Droideka accompanied the party, as well as the last remaining member of the Coruscant Street Tribe; Eroll Skav. As the party moved to the Nest that had positioned itself into hovering over the hole that Gunja’s Bus made into the Tower, Darth Unus stood over the Triumvirate’s Meeting Table, and declared his last warning to not meddle in his affairs again. The next time the party does, Unus will not let them go.

Back in the Nest, the party viewed an injured Korot and Vass’inum’niche in the process of recovery, while Verin is seen holding his sobbing sister. Yun Brodal asked many questions about the affair, and of Eroll Skav’s place on the ship, but his questions were put aside in favor of getting Issilum flying the Nest off of Coruscant.

The sky turned to dawn as Issilum flew the ship up into space. This dawn however yielded a view of Coruscant’s sun with the space factory twisting tendrils of star plasma while surrounded in a nebulous halo of Calamari Cruiser wreckage from the fight that Shendi Yosk tried to win against the unstoppable factory.

Yun Brodal spoke of how Shendi Yosk desired to meet the party in an empty section near Mon Calamari space in order to continue fighting. The resistance that came with the broadcast is bending the Federation Worlds to their knee, but this new change of leadership might compromise that.

Visase voiced that she desired to also see the Luka Sene; the legendary order of Miraluka Seers in order to learn how to bypass Unus’ strength in resisting force sight.

Verin put Thirra to bed and walked out to voice his regrets about what he wished he could have told his dad, and between that and the party’s own assurances, Verin said that he is committed to the cause, and desires to better himself towards it.

Then Issilum activated the hyperdrive engines, and launched himself towards Shendi Yosk’s location.




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