Star Wars: Rebirth

Emeriss Armageddon

Zendral ran to the computers to learn more about the security measures on the starship parts, and Zendral found a big one indeed. The parts were surrounded in a force field, where the deactivation switch was inside of the shield. The party decided to go and kill off the guards and then worry about the shield.

When the party killed the guards spectacularly, Oot was getting ready to shoot at the shield; while Visase and Simon found a spare labor droid which they activated. The droid happened to contain the sequences to shutting down the shield fortunately. When the shield was shut down, Senlet and Simon took out the tracking device from the thrusters before ordering the labor droid to load the thrusters and itself onto the transport. After Simon ordered for the other battle droids to load onto the transport, Kader volunteered to fly the transport away.

Then Oot, Vun, and the UDS said their farewells before they ran as far away from the base as they could.

When the rest of the party jumped onto the Nest, Zendral detonated the parts; blowing up the outpost.

When the party returned to Coruscant, they caught Hartel and Issilum back up to speed; and more interestingly, Gunja was nowhere to be found.

But when Kader prepared to retrieve the rest of the parts, the sirens were heard; and Gunja slipped his bus through the opening before closing the hangar doors and waiting for the police to speed past.

As it turns out, Gunja was taking Mon Calamari and Quarren tourists around Coruscant, and let them use the restrooms in E5’s base while Gunja changed his bus’ serial number.

Meanwhile, Kader brought the transport to Harbu’s Banished encampment. Verin and Harbu were sparring with their fists, while Visase gifted Harbu with 4 battle droids as thanks for looking after the clawcraft parts, Verin, and Henea.

When Verin came aboard, he proclaimed that he wanted the party to obey their end of the deal, to which Polis confronted him. Verin said that he agreed to go into hiding on the condition that he contribute to the group’s efforts rather than be forced into hiding. Polis then told Verin to show that he is capable of contributing in the most intimidating manner possible.

At first, it didn’t look like Verin would fight, but then he punched Polis in the face. At that, Orwell engaged. In the fight that ensued, Verin dislocated one of Orwell’s kneecaps and knocked him to the ground with a side kick that Verin overexerted. When Verin fell, Orwell got up and broke some of Verin’s ribs.

When Korot broke up the fight, he helped Verin back onto his seat and told Verin that his father had hoped that Verin never would have to see fighting or war. Verin was a little too winded to respond, but Henea tended to his injuries. Polis then told Verin that he has what it takes to contribute, but now Verin cannot slow the party down.

Meanwhile, Taral got in communication with Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel…



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