Star Wars: Rebirth

Dreams and Visions

The Nsiss Clawcraft parts were unloaded, and Verin limped off to his room with a set of broken ribs.

Shortly after, Arken Taro sent a message that the party immediately responded to. Arken asked about his son, to which the news of Verin’s broken ribs got leaked out. Arken started to object, but after Taral and Korot explained that Verin wanted this, Arken let the matter slide with unease.

The party told Arken that the next target was the planet of Feibraxa, home to a primitive and commonly force sensitive population, but also that there may be a traitor within the Jedi Order. Arken said that he would report Mandalore’s plans to invade Feibraxa to the Triumvirate, and as a closing word, Arken said to tell Verin that his mother and sister are safe; and also Arken told the party to be on the lookout for a chance to retrieve Verin’s girlfriend Henea, of whom her father doesn’t trust the police with her safety.

Henea then came out of the transport and mentioned that she obtained some medicine from Harbu’s encampment that Harbu was using on Verin to keep him fighting. The party chose to not take any of it at this time.

The party then went off to bed, while Visase and Taral fell into their force trances. There in the trance, Visase received an ominous vision that involved a darkening of the galaxy in the presence of a large object accompanied by the screams of the galaxy’s population. At the end, the population said in choir, “Skar’ssul, irodnok vem tamasal’nalar. Skar’ssul, enhalor…”

During which time, Taral was trying to keep Issilum from breaking Visase out of her trance via ice-water.

The following morning, Visase tried to explain the vision to Taral, but even Taral was at a loss of what to make sense of the vision.

While Orwell and Polis pushed Verin in his training despite his broken ribs, while Zendral was conversing with E5, and while Kader was smoking a cigarillo in the corner, the news began to broadcast something interesting…



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