Star Wars: Rebirth

Dalbar's Damnation

With Mandalore’s Fleet over Feibraxa growing steadily more and more behind the Nest, Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel sent a worried message to the party, talking about how he sensed a genocide about where the party was, before asking why the party looked like they had seen a ghost. Taral played Dalbar’s recording to Evarr, and Evarr’s expression became like he just saw a ghost. After discussing the repercussions of this revelation, Evarr decided to bring the matter before the Jedi Council; but was sure that it would become galactic shortly after. Zendral expressed that he would rather keep Dalbar’s betrayal a secret so as to keep from having another entity targeting the party, but that suggestion got shot down.

Visase originally wanted to return back to E5’s base on Coruscant, but after Issilum suggesting that Dalbar’s goal is only a 5 second hyperspace jump from Feibraxa, Visase and the rest of the party decided to check out what Dalbar was investigating before returning home.

The world that Dalbar was heading for died a long time ago, along with the rest of the solar system around it. Bypassing a frozen asteroid belt, the party arrived on a derelict moon orbiting a yellow gas giant. Landing on the moon, the party put on some of the emergency spacesuits, and made sure they were well heated before leaving their ship onto the frozen low gravity moon. The party jumped towards a cave up an incline of jagged mountains, and then entered it to find the remains of a research station, and its final moments.

Studying the front door’s conditions, Kader ruled that it was from a great shock from outside the facility that blew the door in. The mummified remains of scientists were found strewn throughout the room carrying two Datapads containing information on some of the things being researched within the facility; stuff known as Midichlorian Amplification (Affecting Midichlorian count in living beings), and Midichlorian Synthesis (Creation of Midichlorians, the sentient micro-organisms that are responsible for instilling their hosts with force sensitivity). While wandering the bunks/mess hall area, the party encountered a datapad documenting research on Darth Krayt’s Sith Soldiers, and the lessons to be learned from them.

When the party entered the Study, the party found the body of a mummified Givin slumped over on the floor near the security monitors with a charred stab wound in his chest. Zendral rushed over to the security monitors to get them back online- to find that the monitors lacked power, and that power generator had been stabbed in much the same way the Givin was stabbed. Simon managed to reroute power in his power generator, and the monitors and much of the base got its power back- as well as the sound of a blaring alarm. A panicked Zendral immediately turned the alarm off, before searching the data on the monitors. The last recording the monitor recorded was of Dalbar’s entrance into the facility, and his talk with the Givin named Dr. Zimaz who told Dalbar of the purpose of the organization he was part of before being impaled by Dalbar’s lightsaber. Dr. Zimaz’s last words were foreboding, telling Dalbar that if he changed his mind; to contact the one wielding the fruits of Dr. Zimaz’s research before he passed out dead where the party sees him today.

Obtaining the clues, the party leaves the desolate moon while informing Issilum of what was found.

Returning to Coruscant that evening, there was relief that E5’s base was still standing. After observing the last moments of Verin Taro’s training with Korot, Verin rushed to where the party was and told them about how he, Henea, and Korot did the research they could on Dr. Bik Nasod and his cloning by calling in some favors and spending some of Arken’s money. In the end, they found the location of the lab that Dr. Bik Nasod worked on his projects in back during the Clone Wars. According to Henea, the names of the clones on those documents aren’t indicative of Jango Fett- the base person which the clone army was made from.

After E5 revealed the completion of his research of Lightsabers and Energy Balls, and the completion of the Prototype Nsiss Clawcraft along with its function that seems to psychologically harm any force users that try to sense it.

Then Arken Taro connected with the party and was informed of Dalbar’s condition, both in the recording from Feibraxa, and the research discovered in Star System ORF652AA9. Arken paid the party for their work, but then expressed the discomfort on his side before retiring; predicting a difficult tomorrow.

The party then retired for the night, to await what will come next.



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