Star Wars: Rebirth

Crew, Use the Force, Go to Dagobah

Hemeri, reunited with friends and family celebrated by eating a robust meal of fish. Even Captain Ikmon and his old friend; the quarrese transport pilot Volk-Un came in to congratulate.

Lohil told the party that the next trial won’t be until the next few days, and that the party ought to find more on Xor, and patch some holes. Visase already had the mind to inquire about seeing to the Goruhad’s Cross grunt they captured a couple days ago when they surveyed the scene outside Infinite Depth’s HQ after a scuff with Xor’s henchmen.

The party agreed, and set off back to Dac, and made way to the southern naval base’s jailhouse. Taral got Shendi Yosk’s permission to let him out on the condition of organizing a truce with Goruhad’s Cross. Taral ended his communication with a frown like something she said or did weighed him down.

After the warden let the grunt out did the grunt introduce himself as Simak Jaruka, and to follow him to meet with the Cross Bearer (Leader) of Goruhad’s Cross; who was a one eyed Mon Calamari who despised the “Grey Witch” named Rathosk Folom. Simak led the party past the Restaurant front to Goruhad’s Cross HQ. On the way, Zendral tried calling for Polis to try to come on over in case things went south.

Orwell did however take a step too close to Rathosk, prompting him and every other guard to point their blasters at him. Orwell then stepped back, and soon enough, they relaxed their guns.

Rathosk explained to the party about Xor’s history, and how he was the descendant of a powerful Sith Lord from 500 years ago named Darth Azard. Azard’s descendants, and those descendants became Force Sensitive, and Luftha Xor was no exception to that rule.

Rathosk asked whether or not the Xor that was captured was the real Xor, and explained that he was both Force Sensitive and a family man. Neither Visase nor Taral sensed his latent Force Sensitivity, leading them to believe that the Xor captured was a decoy.

Rathosk explained that the most ideal way to catch Xor is to find his family. Visase pulled out a holocron of Xor’s family that was found in his mansion. She then used her Far Sight to see through his wife’s eyes, since Rathosk claimed she was not Force Sensitive, unlike her children. Through her eyes did Visase find that they were en route to an unknown world. Or rather, to a world whose named Xor’s wife did not catch. She did recall the Duros Pilot’s name through, Zeelon.

Visase then entered into Zeelon’s mind, to find the name of the world they are going to; the Marsh world of Dagobah, where Yoda hid away after the execution of Order 66.

The party was to deliver Xor’s family back to Rathosk. If the real Xor is captured as well, then its an added bonus. Rathosk told Visase that he would take the bounty on her head off, and that if she succeeded, he will keep it off. Zendral remarked sarcastically about his generosity, to which Rathosk gave a serious answer to him about how it really was.

With the deal made, the party returned to the ship, where they deliberated over their next actions…



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