Star Wars: Rebirth

Chaos in Cloud City

With the final preparations made, Tavish sent his broadcasts to the rebel factions of Cloud City to revolt against Hasel Pilen to cause enough chaos that the party won’t have to contend with an army.

Flying into Bespin’s atmosphere, the party immediately saw Cloud City floating amidst the clouds in a state of disrepair due to hundreds of years of neglect. Following Tavish’s directions, the party flew into Hangar PX006- the closest hangar to Hasel Pilen’s office within Cloud City. Forcing themselves into the opened hangar, the party found themselves being attacked by a panicked Cloud City Militia. With Wooshgruuw manning the lasercannon on the Nest though, the militia scattered and ran deeper into the city.

Jumping out of the Nest, the party rushed into the lobby area of the hangar to find the militia desperately fighting off the rebellious criminal population. The party by and large supported the rebels as they fought the guard while the rebels proclaimed that Tavish said that the party would help them in their mutiny of Cloud City. Most of the party played along, except Orwell; who chose to cut through one of the rebels to get to the door into Cloud City proper.

At the aftermath of the battle, the rebels about attacked Orwell, if not for Zendral’s trying to talk them down. The rebels, recognizing that they’re outmatched if they did attack Orwell decided to not attack- but not before one of the rebels proclaimed that the party should keep Orwell on a tighter leash. The party was hesitant to restrain Orwell, but restrain him they did- while the rebels tried to pull the offending rebel back.

Opening the door, a scene of utter chaos was seen before the party. Many Plathuui refugees were seen rushing down the hall in large droves, being cut down by overzealous rebels with the Cloud City militia, and some heavily armored Plathuui known as the G’Nathir attacking the rebels and defending the refugees. When the rebels announced that they’re going to join the battle to clear a way for the party to get to Hasel Pilen, Taral changed his mind, and announced that he wasn’t going to let the rebels keep up their slaughter. The party agreed with Taral’s assessment, and entered the fray; aiding the militia and the G’Nathir.

It was a bloodbath, but in the end, only a few more refugees were cut down by the hooligans before the party, the G’Nathir, and the remaining militia took them out.

Explaining the situation with wanting to capture Hasel Pilen alive to the few worn out militia present and the G’Nathir, the militia explained that they’re not overly pleased with Hasel Pilen and that their duty is to Cloud City first, and the G’Nathir the party helped; while they swore allegiance to Maccus, also swore an oath to protect their people. The G’Nathir warned of two G’Nathir who swore an oath to protect Hasel Pilen however, and they are known as “Stormcaller” and “Sun Heart”; and are present just outside the entrance to Hasel’s office atop Cloud City.

When the militia and G’Nathir left to continue their duties, the party now looks in front of the doorway to the outside part of Cloud City that is a short ways away from Hasel’s office- and his G’Nathir guardians.



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