Star Wars: Rebirth

Catching Up to Toba Gra

With the Figo’s Wind in its final explosive throes, Issilum initiated for the Nest to go into hyperspace towards Corellia. With the voyage taking 2 hours, Visase wasn’t too pleased with that speed and asked if Issilum could make the ship go faster. Issilum said that he would need someone to override the hyperspace engine, to which Visase requested Zendral to do.

Zendral saw to the hyperspace engine, removed the inhibitors on the engine; and managed to boost the output of the engine such that the voyage will take 45 minutes instead of 2 hours at the price of jolting the ship about, and disturbing Visase’s meditations. Zendral then had to keep the engine cool during that time, but Visase sent Simon to assist Zendral in his endeavors.

Meanwhile, Verin sat down with Kader with some sparkling water and asked him about what he had done and what kind of past he and Toba Gra had together. Kader kept his commentary short, but he and Toba Gra just knew of each other since they both worked in the same profession. Also, Kader explained to Verin that the “Rok’Ulor” was a mythical beast in Durese folklore that was elusive and deadly to the pre-spaceflight Duros.

As the conversation with Kader went on, Verin segued the conversation to being about his concerns for his family as well as the purpose and motivations of the Sith Order, and how with his force sensitive mother and sister on board and with the party hot on the trail of Dijiec and Orm, he expressed his fears that the party would just be delivering his family right into their hands and inquired about a safe place to keep them for when the party finds out about the place Dijiec was taking the force sensitives. The consensus was to stop by E5’s new hideout on Coruscant as a side trip before flying into Chiss space should everything on Corellia go over well enough.

Once at Corellia, the party declared themselves when a police officer stopped them. In particular, the officer mentioned that help had already arrived when it came to their investigations to find Dijiec the Hutt who the police were ordered to “Kill on sight”. The party convinced the officer that they were there to see to Dijiec as well, and the officer then let the party through saying that he’ll have someone to meet up with them below to take them to Toba Gra’s location.

Corellia’s megacity was going through a violent storm when the party landed in their selected hangar. The police officer waiting to meet the party took them into a van and flew them to Zif’s Casino where the police have tracked Dijiec’s location from arresting Dijiec’s informants. The police have Zif’s under lockdown, and Toba Gra is likely going to be there to bypass Dijiec’s formidable defenses.

Arriving at the casino, the police officer pointed the party inside where Dijiec was help up. Running through the heavy rain, the party stormed inside the casino, where they heard Toba Gra in the middle of breaking down the doors at the end of the casino. Rushing towards Toba Gra, they heard the commotion- a loud explosion followed by a lot of shouting; especially by the engry aqualish bounty hunter. By the time the party turned a corner they heard copious amounts of blasterfire coming from Toba Gra’s direction, and slowly, the police moblized behind the party to check on what had happened.

When the party looked into the bombed out room, they saw a few dead police officers with numerous stab wounds from spears. Lying dead nearby are the heaped bodies of dead and armed Amani. At the end of the room is a broken window with a hole the size of a very large Hutt. Standing over that hole is the cloaked and armored Toba Gra, shouting about how Dijiec is getting away. When Toba Gra turned around to see the party, he shouted to the police that the party was in league with Dijiec and mean to make sure Dijiec survives. The police, following orders pulls out their pistols and points them at the party.

Off in the distance, a Hutt sized and heavily modified speeder bike is seen weaving in and out of the traffic lanes beside a train track where a train is now thundering on- emerging from a tunnel beneath Zif’s Casino. Quickly, Toba Gra jumped onto the roof of that train and sped in hot pursuit of the fleeing Dijiec. Visase jumped after Toba Gra along with the rest of the party, the police firing their pistols while the party landed on the wet and windswept top of the train.

Quickly, the police patrols are seen converging on Toba Gra’s location atop the train. Toba is seen pulling out a heavily modified rifle, and pointing it at the fleeing Hutt.



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