Star Wars: Rebirth

Breaking Into Infinite Depths HQ

After scraping the brains off of the sole of his armor, Polis follows the rest of the group to the taxi terminus where they transport themselves to a giant park with the centerpiece being a large statue of Oskel Karbor made of sea glass surrounded by vibrant gardens and aquariums.

The party then got together and reviewed the plan for getting the information. The plan was for Orwell to come in wearing an outfit befitting of Dac and then making a ruckus while Ostek Fahar would follow in shortly after and scout the area out as he could and plant Zendral’s spy droid within.

Thinking of a contingency plan, they thought of using the Detonite they found off of the Goruhad’s Cross goons to distract the security, and/or perhaps frame those guys for the deed. Polis improved off of the plan, but in the end, it was agreed upon to just stick to plan A, and not make the trial hearing worse than it would be.

So Orwell got his cast on, and then wandered into the Infinite Depths HQ. Ostek followed soon after.

After waiting about five minutes, Orwell was dragged out by heavy duty security droids. Soon after, Ostek walked out as well.

Orwell managed to knock out the biological guards with only one hand, but the droids proved to be more than that. While he did that, Ostek managed to plant the droid in the bathroom, but had little time for opportunity for anything else.

Exiting out, Ostek led the party to a dive bar he knew about and to grab something to eat. Returning, Ostek was a little more tipsy than he would have liked to be, but nonetheless, the party got in business.

Orwell, Polis, and Kader mostly stood back while the others commented as to where the droid should go. While they worked on the droid, Kader managed to convince a wandering couple to go the other way due to them “investigating”.

Zendral’s droid on the other hand found its way down in the basement where it found a large computer terminus surrounded by battle droids. Zendral then controlled the droid to go the opposite way.

When the droid found the reception room, he found that the receptionist droid was offline. So, the droid cracked its programming, waking it from its charging state, learning the passwords for the basic employee areas, and shut off all alarm protocols.

When the party entered, the droid even greeted them.

Making way up the elevator, Polis fell out of focus for a moment, before coming to when they made it to the 75th floor.

In front of an ornate sliding door, Zendral undid the mechanisms while Ostek did what he could to get the passwords in for the main door, and get past the eye-scanner as well. It took Taral’s intervention, and the intervention of Visase and Zendral for Ostek to reprogram the eye-scanner to take only his eye without triggering the alarm from the main terminus.

Getting into CEO Natmar Smers’ office and computer was easy after that. Ostek input the passwords into his computer, while everyone else looked around the ornamented and luxurious office space; with Visase noting that one of the pictures on his desk is the same as the one found on the floor of the Mon Calamari Ambassador’s Shuttle’s floor.

Ostek then leaned back and held in the urge to barf, but he exclaimed how sick it was. The party was pleased with the finding, with Zendral calling it a “Smoking Blaster”. Ostek downloaded the contents of Natmar’s computer onto his datapad before the party decided to leave behind a scene for the police to discover and investigate; wanting to do it legally.

Zendral scrambled up the communicatiors he had to make it seem like they were coming from another source, while Visase and Polis planned out the “battle scene”, where they shot up the bottom lobby, and then programmed the reception droid to act in accordance to it.

By the time the party left, the police was encroaching.

Back on the Nest, they announced to Shendi Yosk that they wanted to talk with her in person about their findings.

Back on the Ackbar’s Honor, Shendi Yosk explained that she found the findings to be damning that the likes of Infinite Depths are in league with the Sith, but now they need to see how far it goes.

The party decided to look to get more information from Oskel’s yacht, which is now in the hands of one known as Mirthro Jorlon, who seemed to have been a good friend of Oskel Karbor, and was implied to have done some very very bad things…



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