Star Wars: Rebirth

Blood Everywhere on the Dance Floor

The following day, Captain Ikmon called the party to the bridge to brief them on Oskel’s old yacht; The Drifting Maiden. The Drifting Maiden has been detected letting in passengers, and now Ikmon wants for the party to do what they can to retrieve whatever evidence is on board, and make whatever arrests need to be made while all the fish are in one barrel.

Ikmon spoke of the transport pilot sending them to the Yacht who is a friend of him and Hemeri, and is a Quarren named Volk-Un. The party was certain that there was going to be a firefight, so they psyched up for it.

Volk-Un waited for the party in his transport that he called The Volk’s Wagon. His pilot’s suit sleeves were rolled up, revealing the tattoo of a gizka on his shoulder, and he was smoking a cigarillo that he stomped out when the party approached.

When introductions were given, Volk-Un let the party on board before he sped out and then blasted power-stone music. Volk-Un mentioned over the noise that the yacht was apparently outside of Dac, so it was in intergalactic space. Despite all the fancy tricks he was pulling off with the transport, nobody on board was caught by surprise, making Volk-Un how they got so acclimated to crazy driving. The party gave him stories, even as the yacht made it closer.

Taral initiated communication with the yacht, demanding to board on grounds that the Navy needed to inspect the vessel. The responder to the message was a Mon Calamari man dressed in finery named Mirthro “Slug” Jorlon who accepted the order graciously. The party then prepared for battle. Especially Orwell was itching for one.

When the party got on board, they entered into the dance hall where numerous patrons and a few politicians were now looking in their direction. At the other end was a wiry looking Mon Calamari named Holbyl “Squirm” Burun, and at the end was a scarred and mean looking Quarren named Kalkhar “Jolly” Orgel. At that moment, Mirthro announced that the event was a private party; and so the patrons pulled out their blaster pistols, and the politicians began to back out of the room.

As the scene unfolded, it was clear the smells within the room was having an effect on the minds on the party. Kader somehow wasn’t bothered by it at all, while Zendral and Visase braced for it. Nevertheless, the battle soon came after.

Kader shot a politician without realizing he didn’t have a weapon, but the other patrons were taken out quickly. Taral didn’t manage to get a good enough hit on his target at first, but made up for it in the next swing. Mirthro had a remote that was intensifying the aroma, and calling guard droids to come over. Meanwhile, Holbyl shot at Orwell after he cleaved through several patrons demanding everyone focus on him.

Holbyl didn’t account for Polis’ arrival, as he was soon stuck through all over with his vibrotrident. Holbyl even tossed acid grenades at Polis, but Polis shrugged off most of the punishment, be he under the soothing aroma’s effects or not. He was certainly in a better mood than usual.

Meanwhile, Kalkhar drew out two Vibroknives that, after he stabbed Orwell with them, was found out that he had coated them in poison. Orwell’s condition dwindled rapidly, causing him to have to duck out of the fray, and cure himself with his own First Aid Training. Despite that, the other patrons focused on Orwell, and Orwell eventually succumbed to the beating, only to get up again eventually to mostly help treat Taral’s, and then Visase’s poison.

Meanwhile, Mirthro had been shot clean through the head by Zendral’s blaster pistols. Visase tried to make a tumble for the remote, only for Kalkhar to stab her in the bicep, and inject more of that poison into her. Visase couldn’t make left from right about the remote.

Meanwhile, Kalkhar managed to poison Taral as well, but after a round of focus fire, Kalkhar succumbed to a blaster shot from Kader. To make a point, Orwell took his knives, and stabbed them in his eyes as he stirred; making him stir no more.

Taral demanded the other patrons stand down, and due to his presence, they did reluctantly.

Visase interrogated Holbyl in Mon Calamari, while Holbyl panicked in his weakened state. After stating her demands to take him in, Holbyl at first was surprised they were not going to kill him, but then something in him snapped. Soon, Holbyl announced that he would rather die than live with the fate they would bring to him. Then Holbyl pulled out an acid grenade that, despite Visase’s reflexes with her pistol set on Stun, detonated over his face, causing his face to melt as the acid burned through him. Orwell hobbled over to him and tried to do an emergency acid treatment, but his wounds were too much for him to get there before the acid ate into Holbyl’s brain.

The party ruminated that whatever it was must have been really bad, and they soon found out.

After arresting the surviving politicians and patrons, they found a large number of slave girls of Mon Calamari and Quarren origin within the yacht that they took back with them, along with four strongboxes left in the safe. After cracking the safe’s security, they took the strongboxes, and paid especially big attention to Oskel’s where a number of images displaying him in varied acts lacking of moral and legal integrity, along with trophies wrapped up with each picture. Then with it was a holocron, with all of those sickening acts recorded in the flesh with all of the sounds. At the end of the recording, a large Quarren with his face shadowed stated;

“Let this be our bond together, that everything we do will be together.”
“Betray this bond, and all will come to light”
“Stick with us, and you will get fortune beyond your wildest dreams”
“We can now be friends, Oskel Karbor”
“And you, friends with the Xor Family”

After taking what they can, with Polis and Zendral scrapping the guard droids that Zendral got into a constant loop of disarm and rearm, they had a quiet trip back with Volk-Un; leaving the yacht behind, to return to the Ackbar’s Honor.



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