Star Wars: Rebirth

Bestin' Bespin

Verin interrupted the silence on board the Nest docked in the Figo’s Wind by asking Visase what was wrong, like she had seen a ghost. Visase was vague, talking about how she saw that Mandalore the Reborn was afraid, and that Maccus abandoned him to his fate; with mention that Maccus had taken an artifact from Feibraxa that was responsible for decimating the Mandalorian attack fleet and then disappearing out of Mandalore’s sights.

With the Figo’s Wind well on its way to Bespin; Visase, Taral, and Niuulaj decided to go and pay Tavish Brix a visit in the bridge. When they entered, Tavish quickly turned off his messenger; and then talked with the three further about the goings on in Cloud City on Bespin in order to better formulate an assault plan. Tavish embellished a lot more information about Cloud City; speaking of how when Hasel Pilen was put in power as Governor, a large number of Plathuui refugees arrived and took residence in the halls. Public opinion of of Hasel Pilen is low, and the public opinion of the Plathuui taking up residence in the once spacious halls of Cloud City is even lower- such that vigilante groups tried to kill off the Plathuui- but were stopped short by the Plathuui’s own guardians- Force users known as the G’Nathir. The G’Nathir also seem to be protecting Hasel Pilen as well; and with the vigilantes finding their battle against the G’Nathir too costly have given up on attacking them.

Niuulaj repeated what the messages sent by Dijiec to Azed Ther said, in that the G’Nathir are under the service of Maccus- and now follow him as their liege. Niuulaj explained more about the G’Nathir being more or less the Plathuui’s form of the Jedi Order, except that instead of emphasizing agility, they emphasize power and endurance. They dress in metal armor from head to toe, and wield weapons that a Gamorrean would be familiar with. The G’Nathir are “Blessed with the Radiance”, and are capable of shaping the Radiance to their own Radiance.

Tavish continued by talking about how Hasel still isn’t in full control of Cloud City despite his immense support from his powerful allies; and that Tavish can still instigate that uprising. While Tavish suggested that he could bombard the city with the Turbolaser batteries on the Figo’s Wind, it was vetoed by the party for being too destructive. Taral, Visase, and Niuulaj returned back to the Nest where they discussed the plans in greater detail.

While Taral and Visase were all for the uprise, Zendral voiced that the plan was too dangerous for the refugees and civilians on Cloud City, with Rea agreeing to Zendral’s points. Fine tuning the plan, the party by and large agreed to only attack those who attacked them to mitigate collateral. While Rea still objected, mostly because it was mostly Tavish’s plans; she quieted down when the party reassured her that they will not do as Tavish would.

A short time later, the Figo’s Wind flew out of Hyperspace, and is now in orbit over the gas giant Bespin.



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