Star Wars: Rebirth

Baiting Emeriss: Zamra's Zappers

The party woke up early that morning to the sound of Verin Taro screaming outside of the ship. When the party investigated, they found that it was only E5 who had reinstalled his repaired Vocabulator; only to find that all of the voice recordings were all but wiped out in E5’s battle against the Nikto Rorlak- except for Verin Taro’s voice.

Orwell introduced Verin Taro and Henea to his training regiment to help them defend themselves better, but also to discipline Verin. Korot volunteered to help Orwell in this regard, and that he’ll talk to Orwell about the training regiment if he doesn’t like something thats there.

Meanwhile, Polis volunteered his voice to be used by E5, and E5 liked it, thanks to it giving off a sound that it will not be haggled with.

Simon reactivated Saiz to learn more of his master. Unfortunately, Saiz doesn’t know much more than Simon does, but certainly more nonetheless. Saiz did however give permission for E5 to do research on his anatomy, so long as if E5 doesn’t destroy him.

Then the party plotted their next course of action. Senlet suggested going after Enul first, thanks to Enul being the final goal for most of the gangs to get their money. From there, finding all of the parts will not be as problematic.

But Polis, Zendral, and Visase eventually agreed on baiting Emeriss Arms by gathering the parts themselves to make Emeriss come after them. So the party agreed to start with Zamra’s Zappers.

Issilum contacted Arken Taro about the Zappers, and Arken explained that the Zappers were a very violent swoop bike gang; known often for destroying lives and property for the sake of doing so, and not even for money. Arken knew they were on the bottom most level of Coruscant, but exactly where is unknown.

Arken also volunteered to pay off the party’s debt to E5 (150,000 Credits).

Then Issilum searched the Holonet for information on where Zamra’s Zappers are, and eventually found some stray logs and images, and Issilum mapped the address out.

Once the address was found, Gunja volunteered to drive the party there.



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