Star Wars: Rebirth

Are You Scared Azed Ther?

The party waited in the Nest until nightfall, figuring that the cover of darkness would give them a better edge for sneaking. The family decided to spend the day shopping and enjoying their time in scenic Anilpa with their bodyguards around them for added security. When the sky darkened, the party left from the Nest and were immediately greeted by Rina, who had a large speeder with a spacious cargo space that Rina had to call in a favor to obtain. Rina gave Visase her old corset that she insisted she washed, and from there went over where everything was in the palace, and the best places to hide in wait by the zoo entrance.

Everybody but Visase packed into the back of the speeder, and after cover was put over them, Rina set out; speeding towards the hills north of Anilpa where Azed Ther’s pleasure palace was. The only stop along the way was a guard questioning Rina and the “goods”.

Everybody but Visase and Hartel jumped off of the vehicle as it turned around a sharp bend, and then hid behind the bushes, and skulked to the zoo entrance. Meanwhile, Hartel cloaked himself as Visase was lead to the service entrance by Rina. After Rina explained that Visase was the new pleasure slave, and after convincing the guard that Azed Ther did order Visase the guard led Visase to the pleasure slave’s quarters with an invisible Hartel following close behind.

Once led into the pleasure slaves’ quarters, Hartel appeared near a guard; convinced the guard that he was a guest, and was wondering “Where all the bitches at”? The flustered guard pointed Hartel to where the pleasure slaves were; and from there, Hartel took Visase to an empty room upstairs, and gave her her equipment.

Meanwhile, the party waiting outside the zoo entrance found a nice tree to put bodies under. In their wait, an impassioned couple tried to sneak into the bushes the party was hiding behind, and later a guard heard Taral slipping on leaves. They got stunned unconscious and carbonited in that order before being stuck beneath that tree.

In the meanwhile, Hartel and Visase managed to find the master switch in the control room where they turned off the droids. Then they killed off a guard and the zoomaster as quietly as they could before opening the zoo entrance to bring the rest of the party inside.

Zendral snuck into the control room, and found out that the guard droid to Azed Ther’s room only attacks when someone is trying to get inside the room. Deciding against messing with the programming that is already there, Zendral hit the switch to depower the animal cages before the party ran up the stairs to confront the droid.

The party wasted no time, they ran close to the droid and hit it for everything they have, all the while the guards were put on alert for Azed Ther’s zoo breaking loose. When the droid processed what is happening, it was incredibly damaged- and to add insult to injury, the droid’s electrostaff got sliced in half by Taral’s lightsaber, before the droid was taken down by another barrage from the party.

With the door to Azed Ther’s room cleared, it was clear that the door is a very old time door- with a knob and hinges as well as a lock for a non electronic key. Taral pulled out his key, which was his lightsaber, and cut the door down.

The only thing of note in Azed Ther’s room is Azed Ther’s personal computer. Azed Ther was out of town. When Visase used her far sight, she saw that he was still on Naboo, receiving some news from a bounty hunter looking person, followed by Azed Ther’s feelings of fear.

Zendral woke the computer up, and found that the computer was already on Azed Ther’s message list, and there were literally thousands of them; but only four messages really stood out, and those were messages from Dijiec to Azed Ther.

Most notably, Dijiec and Orm are two different people; and right now, it seems that Orm regards both Dijiec and Emeriss’ CEO Valen’resh’inrokini as having “Served their purpose” since the party has emerged with evidence of their working with Mandalore the Reborn. Some other details of note were:

  • Vyr’s report of Axis operations on Plathuui, including an assessment of the abilities of Orm’s agent, Maccus.
  • Dijiec’s side in the kidnapping of Verin Taro.
  • The place where the force sensitives were delivered are in an Emeriss aligned space station within the Unknown Regions. Exactly where is unknown, but there requires a “Civilizations worth” of force sensitives for the completion of the space platform that Valen’resh’inrokini was requested to make.
  • Dijiec encrypted his last message to Azed Ther so as to remain hidden. Assassins have already struck at Dijiec, though it still looks like Dijiec is at large.

Meanwhile, Taral slashed open Azed Ther’s chest at the end of his bed which Hartel discovered help some of Azed Ther’s considerable fortune. Not wanting to get eaten by a Rancor, Senlet suggested the party escape from the palace while the zoo animals are still messing the place up.

Under the cover of darkness, the party ran back to Anilpa without a guard in sight, and then rushed back into the Nest where they caught their breath.



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