Star Wars: Rebirth

Another Look at Evidence

While the party admired the things that the family bought from Anilpa’s markets, Issilum lifted the transport out of Naboo, and hyperspace jumped a few times to different star systems in order to throw off their tracks a little before arriving in the star system that Tavish Brix is set up at. Tavish asked about what it was that the party found, but the party was very against telling Tavish about it; with the reason that telling him about it would put his life at risk. But Tavish immediately tried to make a deal with the party, that if they told him; Tavish would tell the party of what he discovered while the party was breaking into Azed Ther’s palace. Orwell commented how Tavish was only using this deal for his own ends, and the rest of the party made a crack at Tavish’s deal proposal, but still, they decided to humor Tavish Brix. The party gave Azed Ther the skinny of what happened- that Dijiec the Hutt and Orm are two seperate people, and Orm is out to cut out the loose ends; and with Tavish knowing this, he too would be a target.

Tavish commented that he is always being hunted down, but then abided by his side of the deal. Tavish told the party that his crews picked up a distress call coming from a crashed transport ship on a barren dwarf planet. What Tavish’s scavenging party has found was members of the Jedi Order who would be interested in speaking with the party.

Hurrying back to the Figo’s Wind, Tavish came out to lead the party to the medbay where the Jedi are being cared for. It was also there that Tavish discovered that Hartel had taken his lead doctor from the medbay by paying her better money. Tavish, knowing better than to argue there and then turned to lead the party to the medbay. It was in the medbay where they party was greeted by a Chagrian Jedi Master named Urik Blop. Also in the medbay were a lot of Jedi younglings sleeping in the beds with three Jedi Caretakers looking after them. When asked for a story, Urik Blop said in a cheerful fashion that the party should go and grab a drink because its a long story. Polis made a remark about how the Jedi find it easier to manipulate the minds of others when they get them drunk first. Urik Blop laughed and said that it is actually more difficult to do mind tricks on drunks. Polis found it difficult to respond to that.

The party suggested to Master Blop to speak in the Nest instead. When Urik Blop made it to the Nest, he told the party and those present in the room his story. About a week ago, Jedi Master Dalbar, as well as the Jedi Masters who headed the major Jedi Temples got a vision from the force of “an old foe” returning to kill off all opposition and dominating the galaxy. This vision was followed by a darkness in the force that engulfed the galaxy and made it hard to sense others through. These disturbances brought Dalbar and the Jedi Order to the conclusion to evacuate the Jedi Order, knowing that those disturbances only tend to happen when a great calamity follows.

Urik Blop was sent to lead and protect a number of younglings on their transport ship, but on the way to the ship, he was given a datachip and was instructed to only look at it while on the transport ship. When the ship lifted off, Urik Blop inserted the chip into his datapad to find them to be personal orders from Jedi Master Dalbar, detailing that the Jedi piloting the ship cannot be trusted and to subdue him, and then fly the ship to a place where he can look after and train the younglings away from sight. With a quick bout of intense meditation, Urik Blop sensed the presence of a large space station as the destination, but sensing further gives Urik a deep pain- like the space station is lashing out against him. So Urik, sensing Dalbar’s assessment to hold merit, subdued the pilot and then crashed the starship down upon a dwarf planet lacking atmosphere and remained there, until Tavish Brix’s ship found them.

Tavish Brix volunteered to take the copy of the messages Dijiec sent to Azed Ther to a contact he knew on Dac that can break most every encryption, and then mentioned that it was a good thing that the rest of the party isn’t doing it, because its Election Day on Dac, and the political advertisements all over the place are annoying.

While Tavish dealt with that while en route to Bespin, the party notified Arken Taro of their findings. With Arken on the holoprojector, Rea started an argument with Arken about how he keeps sending his loved ones into danger, and lying about cutting off contact with Tavish Brix. Arken, having to contend with business, told Rea that he would get back to her. After the party gave Arken the news, Arken pieced together that it was likely that the reason the senators were so lax about the big changes occuring were due to Orm’s tampering, especially since Orm failed to tamper with Arken as of yet. With Orm being in the government, Arken decided to take the matter to the Triumvirate to get a more formal investigation under foot. Arken also updated the party on E5, and E5 is preparing another warehouse away from the one the party is more used to visiting for security purposes.

Arken explained to Rea his actions as best he could, stating that he knew that Tavish made some nigh unforgivable choices, but despite that still cared very much for his own family, and that he saw a potential for him to become somebody who can belong in her life. but Rea perhaps was too upset to accept Arken’s explanation, or wasn’t sure if Arken was being sincere. Whatever it was, Rea left by coldly saying, “Good night” to Arken, while taking Thirra with her. Verin said good night to Arken shortly after, with Arken saying that he was sorry he ever decided to become a senator.

With that, much of the party went to their bunks, with only a few members remaining in the room as Taral contacted Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel, informing him of the events that have transpired; and requested that he send a contingent of the strongest Jedi Knights that he can get to hunt down Orm’s agent Maccus who is in turn helping Mandalore the Reborn. Taral suggested that the Jedi get help from the Federation’s own commandos, and not underestimate Maccus. Taral also gave the news of the discovery of Urik Blop, and the orders Dalbar gave to Urik that suggested that Dalbar hasn’t completely fallen to the dark side. Both Evarr and Taral agreed that this is a matter that needs further investigation. Evarr and Jedi Knight Hassan are going to the old Jedi Temples to look for more evidence and clues. With that said and done, Taral turned off the messenger, and the party went to sleep.

Visase however got a vision from the Force, that obviously gave Visase a more troubled expression on her face. Troubled enough that it prompted Verin to ask about it.



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