Star Wars: Rebirth

An Explosive Arrival

When the party reached Duro, they received a transmission from a Duros who claims to be part of the UDS; or U Durosu Soka. The UDS is a group of guerilla fighters who are fighting against others who would harm Duro’s environment, and it just so happened that they were targeting Emeriss Arms’ outpost for attack; due to their involvement with helping out a notorious starship corporation on Duro known as Oo Durosoo Virrnu Zalonu, or ODVZ. In particular, the name of the Duros who contacted the party was a small time leader of the UDS named Oot.

Oot claimed that they caught wind of one of Senlet’s transmissions, figuring that since the party got a man inside; that the party was an enemy of Emeriss. Oot suggested to the party that they should fly in in their starship, and lay waste with their weapons while the UDS comes out of the words. The party accepted to go with Oot’s plan, but before Oot ended the transmission; he looked at Kader and winced.

Meanwhile, Senlet climbed through the ventilation ducts where he saw a lone Duros in prison; the room where the starship parts were stored, a meeting between many races; and a room full of computers. Before Senlet reported where the Thrusters were, and then look to hiding away.

The following fight was deadly, with Simon destroying both of the transport ships in an explosive way that further disadvantaged the guards, before the UDS came out of the woods to finish the guards closest to the forest.

When the fight ended, Oot approached Kader calling him “Rok’Ulor”. Kader insisted that Rok’Ulor is no longer, and that Rok’Ulor was done with being involved in this war. Oot let Kader’s insistence slide, and continued to try to figure out how to get the door open.

Orwell and Polis tried with brute strength, but finally; Taral burned through a bit of the door with his lightsaber, while Simon lobbed a missile at the door opening; splitting the door wide open.

The guards on the other side tried to get the astromech droids to activate the other battle droids, but they got finished off; and shortly after, the soldiers got finished off as well.

Simon rushed off to try to reactivate the battle droids to fight alongside the back, while the party discussed their next course of action.



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