Star Wars: Rebirth

Against the Riot Police pt. 2

The battle outside ensued, while Issilum rushed to get to the bombing points. The battle grew silent however when Taral jumped atop a tank and called for the fighting to cease and instead to unite against the Sith who had taken control. The force was very much with Taral at that moment because even those in the heat of battle stopped to listen.

There was a lot of murmuring, but in the end, the Police stepped aside and sided with the party and rioters. Police Captain Chas Plegu volunteered to use his force to keep the outside clear of interference and perhaps get other police units to follow suit, while the rest of the party and the major players in the assisting forces charged inside to rendezvous with the stealth team. With the police keeping the other forces out, the stealth team’s bombing mission was cancelled.

Inside of the Law Enforcement Headquarters, the party viewed the wreckage caused by the stealth team’s exploding of the armory with only a few guards left to survey the wreckage.

Battle was joined quickly after to finish off the rest of the guards. Only Hartel got hit a few times but otherwise the damage was minimal… until Kipu the Ewok Mechanic began to throw a panic while reprogramming security droids when the doors to the droid room began to get sliced open by lightsabers.

The prison elevator was also discovered, while the other elevators were bringing in new guards. Now the party must figure out how to split the force for the prison, and for fighting off the coming assault.



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