Star Wars: Rebirth

A Hutt; A Galaxy

Atop the train, the rain and wind pelted the party as they looked forward at what was ahead. Toba Gra stood atop the train up ahead, putting an oddly shaped round of ammunition into his gun. Zendral and Kader both recognized it as a homing beacon. Just before the party could react, Toba Gra fired it into Dijiec’s speeder- bypassing his shields and hooking on to his speeder.

Accompanying Toba Gra were 4 police cruisers who were firing their pistols at Dijiec’s bike, but his shield deflected all of the strikes.

The party rushed to spread out to protect Dijiec before Toba Gra killed him. Polis started by shooting a police cruiser, with Visase finishing the cruiser off by striking it down with her lightsaber pike before bounding back up to the top of the train. Zendral and Kader both took pot shots, while Orwell jumped down onto a car and started to pry the roof off of it with his bare hands. Taral rushed over to catch up to Toba Gra, while Hartel surged ahead, jumped onto a car, and ionized Toba Gra’s rifle- causing it to become useless.

The police cruisers then proceeded to try to run into the party, notably Hartel and Orwell. Orwell got knocked down, while Hartel managed to jump on top of the cruiser that tried to ram him. The other cruiser tried to deploy their police officers to slow the Jedi down; but Taral force pushed them aside and down into the depths of Corellia. Visase then tried to slash at Toba Gra with her lightsaber pike, but Toba Gra threw his cloak at her which proved to be a weighted cloak too- disrupting her movements. Then Toba Gra brandished his gauntlets, which once they touched Visase’s lightsaber caused the lightsaber to deactivate. Zendral decided to go inside the train to figure out another course of action, breaking into one of the passenger’s windows and causing a panic amongst the passengers and the conductor. Kader reprogrammed and modified a flying droid to crash and explode into a police car, while Polis tried to keep the other police cars distracted by forcing the far that he is riding on to crash into the others. Hartel tried breaking into his police car’s windshield; which didn’t work, but it did cause the driver to his the breaks as hard as he could, causing the officer in the front seat to bash his head through the windshield and knocking himself unconscious.

Toba Gra had also been firing at Dijiec from a modified crossbow that fires explosive crossbow bolts; weakening Dijiec’s systems and otherwise showing impressive wrist-work when it came to drawing and sheathing his weapons in a flash. Toba Gra then introduced other tricks on his person, such as the fact that the bottoms of his armor come with a propulsion system that can make him fly a far distance quickly. Toba tried to incinerate Visase’s face with it first, but she erected a force shield to block the impact.

Meanwhile, Orwell got into his vehicle and tried to figure out how to steer the vehicle while the rain pelted him. Zendral had to talk the passengers in the train down from making assumptions about his rather suspicious behavior. Polis made sure to keep the newly arrived police cruisers from getting close to the party. Kader and Simon stood back to take shots at Toba Gra. in particular, Simon blew up two cars with one missile, and left a nasty scorch mark on Toba’s armor while nearly getting Toba to drop down into Corellia below. Taral showed that with the force, he could be quite and acrobat, and managed to catch up to Toba Gra. Visase did a little bit of acrobatics in between firing her blaster pistol at Toba Gra. Zendral, finding out that Toba Gra is now away from the train has taken the liberty of pushing himself back onto the roof.

Toba Gra continued to take shots at Dijiec even as Taral drew closer. Once Toba Gra drew out his Mandalorian Iron Vibroblade, Taral hammered Toba Gra with Force Lightning- even has the dark side flooded back to Taral.

Hartel had managed to break into the police cruiser, and dropped a grenade behind him to finish off the last of the police within. With a violent explosion, the cruiser was ripped in half, and Hartel found himself flying the half of the ship towards Toba’s location before Hartel had to jump out to confront him. Zendral tried to talk to Dijiec who simply remarked that they fought a common enemy today. Dijiec ultimately took down the last police cruiser remaining- the one that Polis was lying on after Polis had decimated the others with a combination of leverage, strength, and poor driving on the police’s end.

It was when the party surrounded Toba Gra that Orwell accelerated his vehicle towards the one Toba Gra was standing on. Then Orwell leaped out of his vehicle; the force itself feeding into Orwell’s actions in a way that got Taral, Visase, and Hartel to sense it. Toba Gra muttered about waiting for Orwell to show up, when Orwell immediately grabbed him; hoisted him over his head, and then slamming him down on the car such that his head was in range of getting smashed by the speeding car that Orwell was driving.

When the car smashed into Toba Gra’s head- the head of Toba Gra was surprisingly intact, but Toba’s body was limp. Toba’s was then dropped down into the depths of Corellia; and before the party could see the body fall much further, they entered a tunnel; and turned towards Dijiec.

Dijiec made the party a deal. He would tell them all he knew of Orm and Orm’s plans in return for his safe escape from Corellia. Visase frustratingly agreed. Dijiec gave what little he knew of Orm, but what he did know was where to hit Orm. Dijiec mentioned in his talk that he knew of Zendral’s sister Ari’mavve’dreuoll, and Dijiec assured Zendral that it was unlikely that Orm or Emeriss would have her dead; due to the rarity of force sensitive Chiss. Dijiec continued his talk to Zendral by giving Zendral the coordinates to the secret Emeriss factory that he had been taking the force sensitives and the non-force sensitives too; and that if Zendral wanted to hurt Orm, he should start there. When asked why he took the non-force sensitives, Dijiec responded that it was to ensure cooperation with the population at large for longer. Dijiec only knows about Emeriss from his conversations with Emeriss’ old CEO Valen’resh’inrokini who is faring far worse than Dijiec he is sure.

Dijiec asked if that was everything the party wanted to ask him. Visase told him to get out of here. The party then hijacked the cars they were standing on top of when speaking to Dijiec, and drove back to the Nest who was having their own shootout with law enforcement. With the party and the crew back together, Issilum shot the party back off into the stars.



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