Star Wars: Rebirth

A Deathblow Against Zamra's Zappers

Gunja announced that while he was blacked out, he resolved to be a better driver. Just one problem: Gunja didn’t remember how he was going to resolve it.

Gunja tried following the rules of traffic while taking the party back into The Works, but then Gunja got bored of doing so; and got pulled over by a police officer. Then Gunja told the officer that he didn’t believe in having a driver’s license, and then drove off.

When Gunja landed the bus at the very bottom floor, the party was greeted with darkness around them amidst shattered infrastructure, and piles of trash that tower many stories high.

But the party also found the light of many campfires as well. Following the light, the party found an enclave of Banished- those who were descended from criminals sentenced to never see the light of day again. The leader of this camp looks to be a Mandalorian, though his armor is in great disrepair. The Mandalorian introduced himself has Harbu of Clan Nord. Harbu and his camp of Banished ended up running into trouble with the gang known as Zamra’s Zappers. Some of the Zappers tried to attack the enclave, and figuring that the Zappers would come back for revenge; Harbu ended up being very happy that they got help.

Zamra’s Zappers ended up in the area, taking up a torn down garage area as a base for their bikes. With a big force of Zappers on their way, Visase, Issilum, Hartel, and Taral snuck behind the lines in order to get to their swoop bikes. All the while, Zendral, Kader, Simon, Polis, and Orwell remained behind to defend the camp.

The Zappers came in Swoop Bikes and on foot, and the defenders bravely fought off the advance, even as Zamra herself showed up with the Clawcraft Guns attached to the back of her Swoop like a gun turret. By the time Zamra showed up, Visase, Issilum, Hartel, and Taral returned in Swoop bikes, and the fight was over.

Most of the party sustained minor injuries, but Zendral was beaten unconscious; and there were many casualties within the enclave as well.

Only the party, and Harbu stands over the beaten up Zamra.



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