Star Wars: Rebirth


As Kader and Il’yena relayed the layout of the Xor Family’s holding area, Luftha Xor, Orwell, and Visase deliberated over the last steps of the plan.

The plan is to send the strike team in waves, with the first wave escorting Xor to the cells. Xor gave Orwell a datapad chip, in case the two on him don’t survive; and told him to give it to his family after they save them.

Meanwhile, Il’yena, Kader, and 63-RM had to hide after one of the Goruhad’s Cross decided to investigate the noise; but their stealthiness managed to keep them out of notice.

Luftha Xor called Shendi Yosk to notify her of his location, where she requested that he stay where he is and her security droids will retrieve him. Orwell asked what the idea behind that was, and reasoned that it was so that she could kill him herself. Luftha stated that if anything it was probably for Rathosk, as Shendi, despite being corrupted by Maccus, had not sealed herself with the Dark Side.

When the security droids arrived, they immediately apprehended Xor and then told the party that they could not come with them. Orwell however told the droids that Xor was a lethal prisoner and that they were just droids. If they went alone, they would fail. The droids reluctantly agreed to that reasoning, and brought Orwell, the two Droideka, Visase, and the other available Force Sensitives including Hartel with them. The others were to come in separate waves.

The plan was for Hartel to ionize the prison’s shield generator while the other force sensitives were to use the Force to move Luftha’s tied up family behind the Droideka.

Il’yena left the shadows when the others entered the cell where the security droids locked the doorway behind them. Luftha walked forward beyond the lowered cell’s shield and demanded to see his family. Rathosk pointed his blaster at him and told him he just saw them. Shendi Yosk demanded that Rathosk back down to allow Luftha to talk to his family before pulling the trigger. Hartel attempted to subtly ionize the shield’s generator while it was down, but when Luftha did come closer and speak to his wife and children, he barely got a sentence out before Rathosk shot him. In that instant, Luftha used the Force to shield his family before he fell to the ground dead from Rathosk’s shot, and immediately the Force users sprung into action, telekinetically moving Luftha’s family beyond the Droideka Destroyer Droids. Shendi Yosk backed off from the confrontation in a sudden wash of doubt, before 63-RM shot a poisoned slug into her, causing her to fall weakly to the ground coughing up blood.

Orwell engaged with a Gamorrean mercenary named Hashwogg who exchanged taunts and insults at each other. Orwell with his Arg’garok, and Hashwogg with his Power Hammer.

The Toydarian mercenary named Yarkay tried to activate his deflector shield, but it inconveniently for him began to malfunction; leaving him wide open to blaster shots before he could do anything to retaliate. The Kel Dorian mercenary Unad Tok and the Rodian mercenary Tiiba both attempted to shoot at the vents. Over the next few seconds in battle, they were picked off. It was learned after that that by the fact that their tattoos matched the Clawdite Assassin’s on the back on his neck, that they were all part of the same mercenary group.

Lieutenant Kimith demanded everyone get themselves together and focus, while most of the others in the back focused on untying Xor’s family and bringing them behind the corner where it is out of the line of fire.

Rathosk turned to Visase and after an exchange of words, armed a modified Thermal Detonator and lobbed it at her, piercing through her Force Shield and badly injuring her, but also knocking both Hartel and Orwell unconscious from the explosion. Visase responded in kind by setting her new modified slugthrower pistol to the ion setting and not only disrupting Rathosk’s shield, but also blinding his other eye, which had been blinded before by Visase’s lover; Embrul Culu.

Despite being blind, Rathosk continued to hurl words at Visase, demanding she come closer to finish him off. Suspecting a suicide vest, she just shot him with Embrul’s blaster pistol on stun, knocking Rathosk out.

Orwell hallucinated something troubling while the battle happened around him, which resulted in a quick end to the other mercenaries. Notable, Il’yena managed to get the Goruhad’s Cross members to rethink themselves before it turned into senseless bickering that resulted in shots getting fired. A reluctant Lieutenant Kimith finished off the last one for his lack of faith, despite her own being shaken up as the battle turned against her.

Finally at the end of the battle, Orwell and Hartel were roused from their unconsciousness by the newly arrived old police squad of Visase’s. When Orwell found Hashwogg’s body, he marked it with a knife as a final rite of passage and demanded nobody loot his body because he needs his weapons and armor for the next leg of his journey. Orwell then went up to the unconscious Rathosk, and after botching the surgery, ended up killing him.

Lieutenant Kimith surrendered after the fight was over, and tried to administer an anti-venom to Shendi Yosk whose condition was going critical. After Visase and 63-RM gave her the antidote to the poison. The first words out of Shendi Yosk’s mouth was disbelief over her having killed a man in cold blood. The words flowed out after like the blood from her wounds, of how she needs to face judgement for what she did, and after Il’yena’s questions, confessed to what drove her to those depths; realizing that after Yari Kebara was assassinated, what it took to actually bring justice to the criminals that are now at large. She lamented over how Xor’s final moments mirrored what she remembered of Arken Taro’s moments, only for it all to devolve to infighting while the Sith took over.

Visase mentioned it was Xor’s last command to his men to work with Dac to fight off the Sith, implying after all of that, Dac finally found its unity between Mon Calamari and Quarren in this dark and trying hour.

As Visase tried helping Yosk to her feet, her messenger alerts of a message. Turning it on, Darth Maccus’ visage shows up, congratulating Yosk on her survival, and practically blowing off any of Orwell’s threats, and complimenting him when he mockingly called him “fair and wise”. Maccus merely said that his playtime is over, and that his superior told him he had to hurry with Dac’s takeover. He told the party to go and try to fight against him, and to do their best to make it interesting. At that moment, Shendi Yosk got a second wind, and yelled at him for turning her to the Dark Side. Before Maccus could retort, Yosk threw her projector against the wall, breaking it into pieces before she collapsed again.

Orwell told her to die with honor, but Lieutenant Kimith’s projector picked up Maccus’ call, and she answered it. Maccus told Yosk to do what the Gamorrean said, but that a corpse isn’t much fun either. He commended her to fight his fleet, before ending it by saying “Toodles”.

The party carried Shendi to the Bridge, and met with Captain Ikmon who now wasn’t wearing his uniform but still issuing commands. Ikmon told the party that Maccus announced on the intercoms of his fleet coming in after they told him the news of the fleet’s coming.

With that, the ships left the Rendezvous point and made it to Dac, where they soon became surrounded by 6 Star Destroyers, and soon several more corvettes and frigates encircling the planet. Ikmon announced the order to lock missiles, before 10 more capital ships appeared behind them, and started shooting. All Dac could do was watch as those ships matched power with the Sith fleet, and soon after, forced the fleet to retreat.

Soon, a transmission from one of the ships came in; from a Nikto named Paf Kob; representing the Hutt Empire. Paf told the party, Ikmon, and Shendi that the Hutts have officially broke many treaties and declared war on the Sith controlled Federation; and it just so happened that they had been creating and upgrading their fleet under wraps the whole time. Paf stated that with the Hutts owning much of the Federation’s shares of the economy, the Federation is going to be hurting financially while their own cells weaken the Federation from within, but that they also needed the help of the party. They had come to defend Dac, and to meet with the leaders to talk about their mutual dislike of the Sith.

Kader asked why the Hutts broke their neutrality, and Paf answered that there was no way the Sith would recognize it. It was either strike now, or be struck eventually.

Paf also told the party that the Grand Council personally wants to meet the party on Nal Hutta, and perhaps get a second wind on their offensive against the Sith. Paf Kob gave the party his contact code so they could speak later.

With that, the party set out, and prepared for their journey into Hutt Space…

The Lengths To Take

Ikmon, who was in a stall in what looks like a bathroom, warned the party over the holoprojector in The Skalban’s meeting room that Maccus told Shendi Yosk that they were now working for Luftha Xor. What’s more is that he was given a manifest of the names of each of the men and women who were working for him, including knowledge of numerous droid caches on board across all naval vessels. Ikmon was ordered by Shendi Yosk to give out the order to preemptively dispatch them. With the warning given out, Ikmon stated he would give out the order now, and then he logged out.

The party immediately got to work, with Kader checking on his sleeper droid and Xor announcing a little later that his forces on the Ackbar’s Honor are being ambushed by security droids.

Over their time on the Skalban, Kader focused on getting his sleeper droid to where the holding cell would be in the Droid Barracks. In the end, there was nobody and nothing inside that cell, eliminating a spot where the family could be before the stealth team came in.

Meanwhile, Xor told that party that this new revelation would mean that he would need to rendezvous with them sooner. After an hour, The Skalban picked up a distress call, and the Hand got to work intercepting the rescue party. In the end, they came back with a large crate carried by four of them to be delivered to the nearby maintenence hangar. With the party reconvening there, Xor revealed himself from the crate.

The party then discussed disguising Luftha Xor. 63-RM suggested that he be disguised as one of the Hand, but the Hand shot him down, claiming there were no Quarren in the Hand which would be a dead giveaway. Xor did however speak up to Orwell’s suggestion, that he had been injured when he sent out that distress call from his ship, and even volunteered to take some injuries to make it look more authentic. He refused the suggestion to disfigure himself, because he wanted his family to recognize him.

Orwell and 63-RM both gave Xor injuries, but Orwell wasn’t enjoying it. Xor now has a dislocated shoulder, several broken ribs, and lots of broken teeth from an uppercut. They then bandaged him up, disguising his face and a good rest of his body.

Il’yena commented that Orwell would make an excellent enforcer as he did his work on beating up Xor, but Orwell made no comment back.

With Xor’s disguise being complete, the party led him aboard the transport in the hangar alongside Hemeri and the Hand. It was also around that time when the Skalban arrived in the space the Ackbar’s Honor was in. Immediately after, the Skalban’s alarms blared again, indicating a firefight on board. The manifest didn’t just include the Ackbar’s Honor it seemed.

Hemeri flew the transport out, while the rest of the Sarvak’s Shield boarding crew followed in its wake towards the Ackbar’s Honor. Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM were to sneak to the officer’s row, while Numni, Tress Wecen, and Warlock were to check the two closest cells.

They arrived in the Ackbar’s Honor in the midst of a firefight. Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM wasted no time. Even with Kader pinned for a moment, he got out throwing a stun grenade at Yosk’s forced before the three of them took to the tunnels.

Meanwhile, Visase received another message from Ikmon, asking her to come aboard The Nest where he is, and to bring Xor with them. Visase and Orwell both suspected a trap, but they still went in.

Upon meeting Ikmon, Hemeri initiated the secret handshake, but Ikmon blew that off stating that now wasn’t the time. Verin was also present in the common area, and asked Orwell if the Quarren they had with them was the man who threatened Henea. Orwell answered with a curt “No”, but took the time to write Verin a message that it wasn’t safe and to go. Verin went back to the bedroom where his sister Thirra was.

Ikmon told the party that he knows another way to Yosk’s location that wasn’t shown on the map, as he found out by logging into Yosk’s files, and then offered to show them where. At that point, the sound of Thirra crying out were heard through the walls, while Visase used the Force to see that Ikmon shot her in the back on the head with a modified slugthrower pistol before turning back into a Clawdite.

Orwell understood Visase’s expression, and in a sudden motion Orwell slashed Ikmon across the chest in a brutal fashion. As Ikmon transformed into a Clawdite, Visase lept on top of him, pointing her lightsaber at him. Hemeri then pointed his rifle at him, declaring that Ikmon always had time for the handshake. The clawdite confessed it was Shendi Yosk who hired him through Rathosk of Goruhad’s Cross. Eroll Skav then stomped on his hand as he reached for his communicator. Thirra was now running out of the bunks trying to warn Visase of his murderous intent, but when she got to the scene, Verin covered her eyes and softly led her back in the bedroom. Orwell then activated Mantis’ lightsaber over the clawdite’s head, killing the clawdite instantly.

Meanwhile, Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM discovered an almost naked and bound Captain Ikmon at the end of one of the tunnels. They freed him, to which Ikmon stated that when he had finished his message to you, he saw a Clawdite behind him before he remembered nothing more. He then stated that he needs to go and get in some new clothes, and that he needed to sneak with the party to get out. Fortunately for them, he was stealthy enough, and managed to evade a droid platoon by hiding in a vent with 63-RM. Ikmon split ways when they exited that tunnel, while 63-RM worked on undoing the ventilation duct above the false wall concealing what was most likely where Luftha’s family was being held.

Kader and Il’yena then tried to get the jump on two officers walking through their hall. Il’yena was successful in subduing one of the officers right away, but Kader found it hard to use his gun in melee. The officer Il’yena had bound was stubborn, insisting that Yosk is doing what has to be done; even with a Tehkla Blade held to his throat. After Kader shot the fleeing and shouting officer with the Stun setting, Il’yena had him shoot her bound officer too.

63-RM announced that the vents indeed had some assassins inside, but that they are no longer a worry. 63-RM then packed away his syringe appendage before flying back into the vents, while Kader and Il’yena wormed quietly through the crack in the doorway. With them peering behind the corner, they had found Yosk, Goruhad’s Cross with at least 10 of their elite, and several others in wait surrounding a bound Quarren women and four Quarren children in chairs. In front of them was the dead Xor decoy, sitting in a pool of dried blood. Furthermore, they were behind a force field.

During that time, Numni reported that nobody was found in the other two cells and announced that she was making way to the officer’s quarter’s cells.

While The Hand rushed to the cells, Visase and Kader deliberated what to do with Xor, now that his family had been found. Visase decided to bring Hartel along for bringing down the Force Field, while the other Force users would try to use the Force to pull the family behind the Droideka and the others. Xor will be needed too to get into position. Visase suspects that Yosk won’t be trusting, now that the assassin didn’t report back.

Now it is a matter of getting the others closer, without them killing Xor’s family…

To Give Everything

Visase slashed the commander’s gag off with her lightsaber, and made the Bothan answer questions. Kader asked him about his orders, about how Maccus commanded him to watch over Nihaku I & II in between both worlds. Despite his protests, that the residual heavy metals are disrupting their instruments, their orders were to stay between the twin worlds. He suspected he had been set up to be defeated.

He explained he knew little of the red liquid used to empower the vehicles. They were to be pumped into the ship, and as far as he knew, it multiplied the ship’s normal capabilities by several times.

He agreed to Il’yena’s statement that he didn’t want to be near to Rasseran. It was the Sith’s policy to captain each capital ship with a Sith, and they had more capital ships than they had Sith. Rasseran was one such Sith that needed to be there.

The commander gave his name without prompting. He was Commander Paltash, and he now sees nowhere else to go but with the party. Maccus wanted him dead, and the party is willing to take him prisoner. Despite his reservations for his men having been killed, Paltash saw no other reasonable choice.

Orwell socked him hard in the gut to express how he felt about him. After Paltash threw up on his uniform did Orwell stand back.

Visase used her Far Sight, and located Shendi Yosk, standing in a dark room surrounded by metallic walls. Near her is not only Luftha Xor’s family, but also Rathosk, and the other members of Goruhad’s Cross.

Harun and Tafin spoke on the sidelines about how if Xor’s agents and Rathosk’s agents are all part of the navy, it would prove to be volatile enough for inward strife to take place. With the Navy weakened, the Sith can then just appear and take Dac without a fight.

Visase then asked the group that was gathered for the assault of their stance, especially when it came to the Ackbar’s Hand. Their stance was uncertain, and needed to deliberate more.

By that time, the transport arrived to retrieve them. Galhon split from the rest of the rank-and-file to sit with the rest of the party, while the rank-and-file retrieved the transports they came in from.

On the way back, Visase got a message from an unknown caller. She answered it, and immediately after, the face of a hard and intense looking Quarren became projected; and they all immediately knew who it was.

Luftha Xor.

He voiced his disdain for needing to rely on the party, and had a difficult time saying the word “help” to them. He called them all rodents for kidnapping his family, but then he twisted it around to Darth Maccus for endangering them again. Despite everything, Xor searched the Force, and found that the party was the best chance he was going to get in ensuring his family’s safety.

Hemeri tried to voice his own anger at Xor, trying to bring of Oskel; but Xor dismissed it. Harun then managed to calm him enough that he sat back down in silence.

Xor stated that he wasn’t going to survive, but that if he went through alone or with his men, his family would die too. The party quickly noted that the look of Luftha Xor was the same as the one on Arken’s face on the night of the Galactic Senate Siege.

Xor made it clear that he wanted Maccus to pay more than the party, and that Dark Lord Unus told him that he had not yet given everything he had. If this was retribution, Xor was going to face it, and give his family everything. The Sith had struck him where he was weak as was their nature, and now it was his time to either let go of that weakness, or succumb to it.

Orwell stated with a rather sorrowful tone and after Luftha translated his speech that War makes us what we are supposed to be, not what we want to be. Il’yena stated that Xor was simply on the wrong end of the leverage at this time.

WIth all said and done, Xor asked if the party will ensure that his family is safe in the end. It took some gathering, but Vass’inum’niche stated that she was ready to follow whatever commands she needs to follow through on. Visase’s old squad commander Corporal Reiss Vingen agreed next, after Visase and him argued about his involvement against Goruhad’s Cross. Vingen persisted, saying that after the Senate, and after seeing Darth Rasseran; he couldn’t rest until the Sith are defeated.

Slowly, the rest of the group present agreed. Even Krogguss without his arms wanted to get back into the fray while Tafin still wanted her vengeance. The Ackbar’s Hand was the most hesitant, but agreed to it, so long as if Luftha Xor was killed in the process. They could not stand back and allow Shendi Yosk to do an evil act such as kill innocents.

With that all said and done. Xor signed off; and the party boarded the Calamari Cruiser known as the Skalban. Inside, the group got to their bacta tanks, while the Hand arranged for a reserved meeting area where they can safely plan the rescue of Luftha Xor’s Family, who was no doubt still on the Ackbar’s Honor.

Rasseran's Rage

While Il’yena rallied the surviving guards to Sector D of the Barracks area while in her Commander disguise, even convincing the petty officer questioning her that she was a legit Commander on board after his questioning of Commander Larhast’s corpse; Visase, Orwell, and the Dorokat III Militia lead by Galhon fought their way to the prison cells on the ship.

The prison cells were mostly empty, save for one large cell with fifty Mon Calamari inside who spoke of how they were well fed and cared for. Orwell suspected they were being prepared like Gizka would, but Visase made sure they salvaged the weapons of the fallen guards so that they can push towards the bridge.

The other teams made it to the Bridge first, and immediately stormed it while capturing the Commander of the ship. As Il’yena made way to catch up, she noticed that a maintenance door beside her suddenly had a lightsaber blade shoot through it, before the door cut through to the other side; revealing Kader, 63-RM, Hemeri, Vass’inum’niche, and the Jedi Harun Palkai. With brief greetings, that group were the first to make it to the Bridge where most of the fighting already ended; while the Ackbar’s Hand tied up the commander.

Orpa Ruvin, the leader of the Eisley Corsairs pointed to the vault doors, and explained that his split of the payment was inside. Despite the encouragement to wait for everyone to arrive first, Orpa still unlocked the vault doors and opened them. The smell was a smell between death and stale feces, but Orpa and his corsairs still made it inside. Kader ordered him back, but Orpa’s desire for plunder was stronger.

The others soon made way inside to view that the ground is littered with bones and skulls of countless sentients, as well as feces and old blood and stains littered everywhere in between. Then they noticed the hulking figure in the corner turn its head, and stare at them with glowing crimson eyes. When the first shot was fired did the hulk charge at Orpa; the clawed strike making him reel back eight meters and making him fall prone. After that, it was clear what the hulk was: An albino furless wookiee the size of a rancor covered in disfiguring scars, and harboring eyes whose sentience gave way permanently to primal hunger and rage. They had found Darth Rasseran, the Captain of the Sarvak’s Shield.

Il’yena led the charge by breaking everyone’s shock at what they’re seeing. Corporal Reiss Vingen and Harun Palkai both took several blows from his massive claws while everyone took a swing at him. His fight with Harun demonstrated that his claws could block lightsaber blows. It seemed each time he was attacked, he had the means to strike back immediately and harshly. Thinking fast, the Jensaari Warlock and Tafin both sedated Rasseran enough that he fell unconscious. To everyone’s horror, they noticed his wounds regenerate quickly. The others took advantage of that pause by repositioning themselves. Orpa voiced that if he is a beast, then perhaps by taunting him, he would go after someone else.

At that moment, Visase, Orwell, and the remaining forces arrived and got into position.

When Rasseran came to, he fully healed up; even fighting off 63-RM’s poison. In the ensuing battle. Visase took several hits from Rasseran. But before Rasseran landed the finishing blow, Orpa shot at Rasseran, and dared him to come after him. As he lunged at Orpa, Orwell and Harun both took a swing at him while he ordered the other Eisley Corsairs to shoot him. All that pent of rage tore Orpa apart, before Rasseran stuck Orpa’s body into his mouth and devoured him. The act of eating replenished Rasseran’s wounds immensely, before he started eating the horrified Mon Calamari beside him.

63-RM explained to the Ackbar’s Hand that the unknown poison they got was specifically built to dull a midichlorian’s connection to the Force. With that knowledge, the Hand dipped their serrated disks in the poison before throwing them at Rasseran; giving him a dose or two of poison.

63-RM and the Hand would then work harder to amplify the doses and apply more to make sure it does affect Rasseran as he rampaged; eventually devouring forty Mon Calamari in total.

The Eisley Corsair named Monk explained to Il’yena that Orpa did keep a parting gift on him. When Monk pushed the detonator, Rasseran’s gut exploded outward, showering those in front of him with gore and organs. Il’yena managed to toss a knife into Rasseran’s stomach as the Dark Side of the Force pulled his body back together; making his innards slither back in place inside of him. Visase sensed the whole procedure, and confirmed that Rasseran had achieved so much power in the Dark Side that it shattered his mind.

Despite the disgusting display, the battle continued, even with the Jen’saari Krogguss nearly dying by having both his arms ripped off. Orwell proceeded to handle Rasseran’s attacks; which slowed down as 63-RM’s poison affected him all the more.

Eventually, 63-RM identified that Rasseran’s midichlorians no longer felt the Force; negating his incredible feats of regeneration. It was then only a matter of time before Rasseran fell. Orwell chopped off his monstrous claw. As Rasseran howled in pain did Monk lay the killing blow with a shot that came into his mouth, and exiting out from his brain.

The Corsairs announced without skipping a beat that they were going to plunder the vault, while Il’yena stepped outside. From the bridge, Il’yena saw a man dressed in a manner like a clown calling to her from the holoprojector on the Bridge. Il’yena made way, and the two exchanged words, with Il’yena mostly attempting to insult and get a rise out of him. Eventually, the man told Il’yena his name; Darth Maccus, along with all of his other titles that he claims to not really care about too much. Eventually the rest of the party arrived. After Maccus learned of Kale’zen’dreuoll’s and Polis’ fates after killing Yari Kebata did he reveal what Shendi Yosk was going to do. Orwell asked if she was Maccus’ puppet to which Maccus answered “no”. According to him, she was easy to corrupt to the dark side, and he wanted to make their effort in the conflict interesting too; but that he may have been too successful with Yosk.

Maccus encouraged the party to go and save Luftha Xor’s family, because they are innocent. Because now, Yosk will stop at nothing to ensure the wellbeing of her nation. With a “Toodles”, Maccus logged out; leaving the party to deal with the mess, and the tied up Commander of the Sarvak’s Shield in the corner as well.

Mist Covers the Sarvak's Shield

Kader and 63-RM worked with the technicians to eliminate the Gen’Dai clones, and to stablize the chief engineer within the Nihaku II colony vessel. Kader rallied the technicians, making sure they knew to shoot the clones in the head when they fell. The tide of Gen’Dai was stemmed for a short time when the gas grenade trap was sprung, buying 63-RM a moment to bring the chief engineer back to consciousness. His movements were sluggish and complained about his headache as the battle warred around him.

Realizing his need for more intense care, 63-RM took to reprogramming himself to better handle the task, switching out his own systems to do so, and even negating data from another to hasten the process.

Meanwhile, the news that the navy had surrounded the Sarvak’s Shield to keep it pinned between the twin worlds reached the ears of the Ackbar’s Honor, who then carried out the plan mostly cooked up by Visase Tersik. Visase went into an assault transport with Orwell, two Droideka, and a labor droid carrying the barrel of “Hero’s Sludge”; a potent spice that is known to mitigate one’s connection to The Force. They are to administer the Hero’s Sludge to one of the engines, where the artificial midichlorians are being pumped into.

Il’yena ended up getting on board an assault transport with a group of Keshfar colonists and the military covert ops group known as the Ackbar’s Hand. Il’yena and the Hand spoke at length, with Il’yena asking them most of the questions about who they are. The Hand provided Il’yena with an officer’s uniform they had pilfered, having heard that she was a good actress.

Meanwhile, 63-RM had finally managed to clear the fog on the chief engineer’s mind with his reprogrammed medical expertise, allowing him to better pilot the colony to resist the impending eruption, while Kader fashioned a quick trap involving three Frag Grenades, taking down two Gen’Dai in one fell swoop, while 63-RM switched to poisoned rounds from his Czerka Adventurer rifle, succeeding in poisoning the Gen’Dai, whose constitutions were legendary.

They had also received word from Hemeri about how he ended up coming to the same conclusion 63-RM and Kader did about piloting the colony, except that he was unable to save that colony’s chief engineer.

Meanwhile, when the rest of the strike team arrived into view of Nihaku I & II did they see the battle rage on, and a nearly destroyed Calamari Cruiser tilting towards the Sarvak’s Shield. The captain of the ship bid everyone farewell before crashing his ship into it; spraying the area with debris, making it harder for the strike team to be detected.

Visase and Orwell’s ship was among the first, and the assault transport they were on immediately blasted a way through. The two of them then cut down and defeated all troopers on the way before they arrived in their assigned engine room. Along the way, Orpa of the Eisley Corsairs told Visase that his crew landed, along with her old squad and “those freaky Jedi”, and they’re all going to do their part against the engine. It could only be assumed that Galhon’s Dorokat III militia had arrived as well.

The battle Visase and Orwell had was nothing they couldn’t handle with ease. The droids equipped with vibroswords did manage to get a good hit on their Droideka, but otherwise, Orwell was able to administer the Hero’s Sludge into the engine to “silence” the artificial midichlorians that flowed into the engine. After that, Orwell threw that barrel at the engineer who was trying to repair the engine, and then Orwell went and broke his neck under his foot.

Meanwhile, Il’yena was tasked in locating the barracks while in uniform. She got one of the Hand to shoot her in the shoulder to make her disguise look more convincing. Along the way of her search, she split up and scrambled a small platoon of soldiers away from where the intruders were coming from, “discharging” the cadet at a security monitor so she could have a better look at where everything was in the ship, and later in killing a higher ranking officer with her concealed knives, and taking his rank from his body.

While Il’yena was watching the security feed did she find that Nihaku I exploded, shrouding the ship in a fine heavy metal rich mist; causing the Sarvak’s Shield’s systems to falter. The Mon Calamari Navy took this as a sign to disable it.The same mist came from below when Nihaku II exploded. The planetary explosions and eruptions lead to a sizable chunk of the planet to be devoid of its permanent ice sheet.

During the chaos, Kader and 63-RM were ordered by the chief engineer to get to an escape pod, claiming that it was a Mon Calamari’s job to look after Mon Calamari. Much to their joy, the escape pod does enter space where a calamari cruiser brought them aboard.

Aboard, Kader and 63-RM were reunited with Hemeri and Numni, and later visited by Jedi Knight Harun Palkai who explained the situation with the bridge, and why they weren’t supposed to go onto the Sarvak’s Shield just yet. They needed to wait for the others on the Shield to go to the Bridge; because Harun sensed that there was indeed a Sith on board, and a very powerful one named Darth Rasseran; who was a Wookiee, and what they called a “Mad Claw”. It is likely that his reverting to base instincts is the reason he isn’t the one captaining the ship.

Back on the ship, Visase soon got word that the engines have the spice administered into its tubes, while Il’yena got word that the barracks air had become toxic. With those objectives done, the Sarvak’s Shield is that much more unstable, and their victory is that much more guaranteed.

When the news was spread did Harun suggest that they come and help fight for the bridge now, with the Hand having either killed or neutralized the army on board with acquired poisons.

Visase on the other hand ruled that she go and help with the prison break, while Orwell threw the empty barrel at the engineer, and then breaking his neck by stepping on it.

Preparing to Liberate Nikahu I & II Episode II

Kader managed to sneak into the clinic on Nihaku II, faking an injury by being wheeled in for a check up. He had revealed to the medical droid and doctor he intended to liberate the colony, but one of the Gen’Dai guards got suspicious. Kader stealthily palmed some syringes, and jammed one of them full of anesthesia into him. The Gen’Dai made a lot of noise before falling unconscious.

Kader then grabbed his belongings, and did the same syringe treatment to the other Gen’Dai that charged in. The doctor then voiced how they guards were going to be a on high alert now, the doctor volunteered for the sake of the safety of the colony to knock him out, but to remember his name in case he didn’t make it. He also requested the destruction of his fellow medical droid. Kader did just that, and planted a blaster shot into each of the Gen’Dai’s heads.

63-RM in the meanwhile had managed to evade notice, and even filch a keycard off of a Gen’Dai guard and use it to get inside of where the chief engineer would be. He did lose track of several guards within the laboratory/power plant in the center of the colony, but he did meet an engineering droid that inquired about his status. Whatever was discussed, the engineering droid seemed supportive of 63-RM’s intent, and together, they made way to the chamber where the chief engineer and his technicians were working, but the way was guarded by two Gen’Dai.

Meanwhile, Verin visited Orwell while he was training up combat, and Verin asked that he spar with him in bare handed fighting. Verin demonstrated to Orwell his understanding of Shii-Cho that he had learned from Visase, but Orwell still managed to outdo Verin at every turn through his punches. Verin tried for a flying kick, but Orwell caught him and slammed him against the ground before bruising his shin with his own foot. When Verin tried to stand up did Orwell kick him to the ground. Verin saw it coming, but his injured shin slowed him down too much to react properly. Then Orwell punched hard at the ground just inches from his head to see how Verin reacts. Verin grasped Orwell’s arm in his battered state, weighing him down to get him closer, to which, and despite Orwell seeing the move coming, getting kicked hard in the face such that Orwell could taste blood. Orwell retaliated by headbutting Verin hard. Before Verin slipped into unconsciousness, he explained in between gasps that he learned that part from Polis.

Il’yena and Visase in the meanwhile coordinated with the known players in the invasion, including the Jensaari Tafin Langgek and her fellows; Visase’s old police force that Il’yena suggested go and land beside the engine. Finally, Orpa and the Eisley Corsairs came up, but when they did, it was right in the middle of an argument between a barely conscious Verin and his girlfriend Henea. Somehow, Verin managed to talk her down before she asked that she come to the infirmary with him.

Meanwhile, Kader had managed to evade the guards and escape the clinic, and after a few close calls, managed to break into the colony’s power plant and lab; and followed 63-RM’s footsteps following after a pair of guards.

63-RM with the help of the engineer droid helped to talk the Gen’Dai in circles before the engineer droid stated that his sensors detected large concentrations of lead within the vents. 63-RM then went to investigate the interior of the vents. By that time, Kader arrived; and the commotion at the clinic seemed to have riled up even the security near to the colony’s core, because where once there were four guards was now one. Kader dispatched him with his last syringe.

63-RM in the meanwhile shot a Gen’Dai in the colony’s core armed with a shock staff. The other three Gen’Dai then tried to run out the door to mete the droid in battle. Kader heard it, and the other Gen’Dai coming back and so he ducked into a vent, but not before hearing news from the fallen Gen’Dai’s armor that messages have ceased coming from Nihaku I.

Kader fought from the vents while the other Gen’Dai shot at him from within after having destroyed the engineering droid 63-RM had come with. Kader finally ended the scuff by dropping a frag grenade at them, before he slunk back to where 63-RM was.

While Kader got in position, 63-RM flew to the chief engineer, and made him face up to the need to create a volcanic cataclysm while the other Gen’Dai set aside their disposition as “security”. Kader did what he could to buy the engineer time, but it took little time to mobilize the lab into motion to force Nihaku II to erupt.

The chief was finally struck down with a shock staff, and by then, Kader and 63-RM knew they had to get out. Kader estimates it will take 30 minutes before the planet becomes critical…

Preparing to Liberate Nikahu I & II

Il’yena Song and 63-RM met E5-Z18 who asked for how they were going to chip in, and soon after the rest of the crew. 63-RM spent his time speaking in a manner to Korot that aggravated him, while Il’yena was being admired by Thirra Taro, while she showed her her newfound skill in the use of the Force while also singing a very complex yet beautiful lullaby. No matter how well Il’yena caught the notes, Thirra insisted that it wasn’t the way it was going “now”, and kept trying to correct her. Taral noted that the song was something Il’yena would never fully sing correctly due to her lack of Force Sensitivity.

Meanwhile, 63-RM got Korot to spit on the ground where he immediately took a sample of it and evaluated it, determining the nature of the “Sith Infection”. Korot with reluctance admitted he was had and fell for his feint. Interestingly, 63-RM’s systems can find the Sith Infection, but defines it as an abstraction rather than as a physical thing. Korot’s seems to have collected blood and other vital fluids, sapping his strength.

Then Ensign Nita showed up, and briefed the party about the liberation of Nihaku I & II; twin ice worlds that due to their tidal pulls make either planet very volcanic, erupting geysers of superheated steam and water so high it reaches into the vacuum of space, and exchanges some of it with its twin planet.

Due to volcanic activity, trace heavy elements end up in the geysers as well, disrupting any instruments and communcation that the star destroyer known as Sarvak’s Shield parked between the planets nearest to both colony bases has.

Visase and Kader had previously came up with the idea to get the engineers on both planets to synchronize tectonic well charges to be a little too strong, causing the Sarvak’s Shield to have its instruments distrupted for even longer. At that moment, the strike force must make it through the maintenence hatch, and attempt to disable its systems for good.

The party was given several barrels of Hero’s Sludge, a potent drug that disconnects Force Sensitives from the Force for a few days. Because they found out that the Blue Centurion; the captured Corellean Corvette, had been using artificial midichlorians, and tests have been positive that it doesn’t respond well to drugs and Death Sticks.

If they could disable them from working within the Sarvak’s Shield while keeping the machinery intact and capture it, it could gleam more insights into the mechanics of this odd Sith weapon.

Two stealth teams were eventually chosen to each coordinate with held engineers on both planets. Kader and 63-RM are in one team, while Numni and Hemeri are in the other. After their stealth mission, they are to make way towards the Sarvak’s Shield and assist the others in the assault.

Il’yena then lead the others into a back room, where she admitted where she was coming from. She was an agent of an organization known as the Harmony Initiative. Taral recalls hearing about them developing about a decade ago, though its roots might have gone back farther. They are merchants, looking out for their own interests and making sure the trade goes as well as it could. Taral still questioned Il’yena’s stance in the future, but otherwise let it pass.

Ensign Nita concluded the briefing by requesting the party call up who they know. She will be getting the Ackbar’s Hand ready…

The Good Mercenary; Bad Mercenary Routine

That morning, Orwell, Zendral, and Hemeri looked out the window of The Nest to view a transport ship colored in blacks and greens getting impounded by a variety of maintenance workers and guards, including watching a bunch of them walk out with reinforced canisters while wearing gas masks.

Lohil arrived later, to announce to the party that Yari Kebata’s trial was happening this morning. He stated that he was aware that Zendral and Polis weren’t going to be attending, but the rest of the crew ought to get ready.

The party entered into the courtroom slowly and steadily, starting with Orwell and the judge. Then Lohil showed up; pulling out the hard evidence that he has against Yari Kebata. Kader looked over his shoulder to see what he had while the others trinkled in. Shendi Yosk was last, and she was staring the stand where Yari was to be standing with great contempt.

Meanwhile, Zendral and Polis made way to where Luftha Xor’s family was being held, and spoke of how the family was a tool towards drawing Luftha Xor out, that they were tools towards that end. But at the same time, they were people. They saw Luftha’s wife holding her four children close, while she watched the two of them warily.

It was when Yari Kebata was being led out of jail when the alarms blared. Zendral had pushed the detonator button down, dropped an ion grenade on the guards beside the Xor Family’s cell, and then got out of dodge.

Shendi Yosk announced that Yari Kebata was dead, and the party took action. Orwell and Kader ran after a security droid to get to Kebata, only for Orwell and Kader to convince the droid to instead intervene at the Xor Family’s cell to make sure none of Luftha’s minions go get them.

Taral requested Visase use her Far Sight, while Hemeri remained with them.

Meanwhile, Zendral and Polis had managed to utilize their knowledge of the secret tunnels to good effect, making way back to The Nest.

Visase then stated in her trance that she saw Zendral and Polis had done the crime. Taral assured Visase that it might not be, due to the hurriedness of their predicament, but still, they and Hemeri rushed back to The Nest, leaving Shendi Yosk to her giving out orders.

Kader and Orwell attempted to convince the guard droid to release the Xor family, but the guard insisted that only by authority of the admiral could they be released. They tried contacting Shendi, but she wasn’t picking up. So, Orwell and Kader took matters into their own hands, with Kader sneaking his hand onto the droid, and shutting it off manually.

Zendral and Polis rushed into The Nest. Verin asked what the hurry was for, but Zendral told Verin to go back to where it is safe until it all blows over. They then ran past Sics’enuluo’hassiss while he watched the clawcraft. Zendral declared he was taking it away while Polis got into the back seat. When Vass’inum’niche showed up, did Zendral quietly give her a guilt ridden look as he flew out of the hangar of the Nest towards the hangar opening of the Ackbar’s Honor.

At that point, Taral, Visase, and Hemeri arrived to view the Nssis depart. Shendi Yosk ordered for the Ackbar’s Honor to stop the Nssis and get the tractor beam online, after she confirmed Zendral’s identity, when the guard who took his recording mistook him with another Chiss.

Visase got into The Nest and began to pursue the Nssis, while trying to see into Zendral’s mind. She managed to see that he was trying to enter hyperspace while dealing with the tractor beam. Visase found it hard to get a good read as to where exactly they were going, since Zendral was going the astrogation semi-unconsciously while Polis guiding Zendral in breaking out of the tractor beam.

At that point, the Nssis shot out into hyperspace towards an unknown location. Disappointed, Visase flew The Nest back before accompanying the disgruntled admiral to where Luftha Xor’s family now is.

Orwell blocked Shendi Yosk’s path to the family, stalling her while Kader worked on reprogramming the guard droid to follow his commands as a sleeper agent.

Just before Shendi could get Orwell thrown in jail, Orwell noticed a crimson tint in her eyes flash before fading; the same kind of crimson Orwell only saw in the Sith beforehand. Just then, Kader finished his work, and Shendi shoved Orwell aside to get through. The guard droid then professed the good decisions on Orwell’s and Kader’s part to make sure nobody was going to nab the prisoners. The whole time, Orwell was trying to communicate that Shendi Yosk’s eyes were that of a Sith’s.

When Taral, Visase, and Hemeri arrived did Shendi describe Zendral and Polis as traitors who compromised justice, and left the Xor Family in danger of being rescued by Xor’s accomplices. She then went with the party to where the murder of Yari Kebata took place.

The party saw several droids investigating the scene, along with a well dressed Nagai woman who introduced herself as Il’yena Song; who was a singer, and a celebrity in some parts of the galaxy. She kept a calm demeanor to the scene of Kebata’s body being everywhere. She divulged little else, insisting that the crime scene was no place to talk about it, but to instead talk about it at the Monstrous Turtle, a bar/club in the seedier part of Hikahi City.

Kader and Taral both heard of her, though Taral realized that she apparently held her own against a group of thugs without breaking a sweat between her concerts.

Then they met 63-RM; who also went by GERM, who was a small but eccentric looking droid, who managed to find Zendral’s Probe Droid sitting in the ventilation with little power remaining in its battery. He then gave it to the party while Shendi was preoccupied with more updates from the ship. 63-RM spoke about how he came because of an infection that was present here, and he had come to give it the cure.

Also, his chassis was the same color as the hull of the impounded transport.

63-RM was sad that his cure collection and all of his General Droidspital shows have been taken with it, but seemed eager to go with the party if it meant administering the cure.

Il’yena’s contract was confirmed when Shendi insisted that her involvement with the investigations would make her an asset to the party, along with 63-RM.

Shendi told the party that they were now needed to recollect what few assets Dac has left, and asked that they go to where the last two colony worlds Nihaku I & II were that are held by the Sith. Shendi would deal with bringing Luftha Xor out of hiding.

With that, the party returned to The Nest, where they reviewed the situation on the twin ice worlds…

Xor's Family Found

Orwell and Taral patched up Kader using some medpacs he had obtained, allowing Kader to stand in spite of his injuries.

Visase meditated during that time, when she sensed two small Force signatures in the nearby bog. Bringing the party with her, they found the trap door’s entrance, while Kader got into hiding in the trees. Finding no apparent traps, the party deliberated how to go about bypassing the security of the door. Kader sliced the door open.

Descending down into the bunker, the party found the Xor family huddled in a corner, with the wife pointing a blaster at Orwell, and her four children hiding behind her.

Orwell put his Arg’garok away as per her demands, and she lowered her blaster. She spoke about how her husband would do terrible things to them when they find out that she and her children were taken away. Orwell however held his hand out for the gun, but she refused to relinquish it.

Before that, Taral managed to set the pistol’s safety lock on with the Force.

When Orwell tried to disarm her, she avoided it and bashed him on the head with the butt of the gun when she found it wasn’t firing. The children were screaming and crying that that point, but Taral in an effort to stop the violence, knocked out Xor’s wife with the Force. Orwell then found himself the target of one of the Force sensitive sons’ Force Lightning, which did little damage, before he knocked him unconsious. Kader set the rifle on stun as the last son tried to guard his little sisters.

Orwell grabbed the unconscious wife and son, and brought them up to the surface without any more acknowledgements.

Kader tried speaking to the boy in a calm tone, which seemed to have loosened him a little. But without Quarrese knowledge, Visase called for Volk-Un to come down and help.

When he came, he talked the kid into cooperating.

When Xor’s wife came to, she tried to reach for the pistol, only to stop because she was too tired. Her children embraced her, before Volk-Un encouraged them to get on board the ship.

Leaving Dagobah at long last, the Volk’s Wagon was stopped mid-travel by a group of pirate mercenaries serving Luftha Xor, who demanded the party relinquish Xor’s family to him. Before Volk-Un could respond though, Federation corvettes and starfighters exited hyperspace, surrounding the pirates. Then Maccus showed up, telling them that the party was going to succeed today, before announcing to them that he will destroy them to prevent having to explain to Luftha Xor about their failures.

Taking advantage of the strange situation, Volk-Un blasted out of the battle, and back into Hyperspace.

Back on the Ackbar’s Honor, Zendral and Polis were waiting just in front of where the Volk’s Wagon would dock. Soon after, Shendi Yosk, Captain Ikmon, and a platoon of droids showed up. Hemeri also showed up, but he was looking down in the dumps. He still mustered a smile to the newly returned party however.

Shendi asked if Xor’s Family was found, to which Volk-Un quickly nodded his head. Shendi sent some of her droids inside, and pulled out the frightened children and the mother.

At that point, Taral let it slip that the captured Xor wasn’t the real one. Shendi at first became angry, but Ikmon assured her that his family would be the way to get the real one.

Visase told Shendi that the one in custody wasn’t Force Sensitive when the real one was. Shendi nodded her head, and ordered for Xor’s family to come with her.

Before she left, she ordered for the party to take a bath in the bacta tanks, and that Yari Kebata’s trial is tomorrow, and she wants everyone to be there to see that justice is done.

At that, the party took their time, and prepared for tomorrow…

The Hunters on Dagobah

The party awoke to the smell of a breakfast stew cooked by Darth Chronos. While cooking, Orwell grabbed a salamander, ate it, and used the blood to mark over the scars on the body.

While Orwell did that, Chronos spoke to the party about how he and Maccus spoke while he meditated last night. Orwell snorted at the mention, but Chronos continued to relay his message, that the party should start looking about three hours to the northeast of Yoda’s hut for Xor’s family. Maccus will keep Luftha’s view on his family as cloudy as possible so as to prevent his meddling in the party’s affairs.

The party then asked Chronos about his training. He spoke of Maccus having mastered much of the Force, but has learned to express it all in his own unique way. When the party asked about Xor, Chronos mentioned that he more or less has the basics down, and can go into something akin to a Dark Rage, but he still has much to learn. Finishing the stew, the party set off into the wilds of Dagobah, watching the many bizarre sights happen around them.

Soon, Kader was tracking down footprints, and by using his intuition, tracked them down to the source, only to almost find himself tangled up in a net.

Nearby was a quarren hunter who introduced himself as Jharbo. Jharbo spoke about how Swamp Slug was a delicacy in Quarren cuisine, and with Dagobah being behind Sith lines, the price only went up. He asked the party if they were interested in taking up this lucrative deal in helping take down a nearby Swamp Slug.

As Jharbo planned for attack, Orwell decided to get up into a tree for a better vantage point, to find there were snipers waiting on the branches. Jharbo then announced that the jig was up. The party then engaged in battle.

Visase and Taral chased Jharbo, dealing heavy damage even as he kept his distance, dropping nasty things on his way onto the ground. Visase ran over poison laced caltrops on her way. Taral on the other hand kept Jharbo on his toes.

Meanwhile, Orwell and Kader kept their distances, taking snipers out of trees, until Kader got shot clean in the back. Turning around, Kader saw that the shooter was a Duros man; that same one that Visase conveyed she saw in her vision when she tried using Farsight on Xor’s family, and found him piloting the ship. The one called Zeelon. But now, he was sniping Kader.

During the battle, the Swamp Slug was devouring snipers while taking most of their abuse after Jharbo commanded them to at least make money off of it. In desperation, Jharbo used Swamp Slug bait to attract it to Taral and Visase. Taral however redirected the bait to another sniper, where he and half the tree was devoured.

Meanwhile, Orwell tried using a felled sniper’s gun to shoot other snipers out of the tree. None of his shots made any headway, so he just gave up on its use to engage with Zeelon up close.

In the battle, Kader and Zeelon exchanged some good shots, incentivizing each other to get cover. But in the end, Kader was taken down from too much abuse. Orwell then cut down the tree Zeelon was in making him fall haplessly into the shallows, where Orwell then swiftly beheaded him before running back to Kader.

Visase in the meanwhile had taken the bait that Jharbo had in his person after killing him when he resorted to his poisoned knife, and after enduring a bite from the slug, tossed it into the swamp, where the slug then went to eat it, disregard its former prey.

After finishing off the remaining snipers, Orwell went to patch everyone he could up.

Still, the crew of the ship containing the Xor family was present, and chances are, the family is nearby too…


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